♥ TEAM TRADE-A-HOLICS Fall Trade and Replace Event! ♥

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Original Post

The Trade-A-Holics' membership drive is over, and we are kicking fall off with a fabulous, TWO WEEK, trade and replace event!

The list starts with 20 of us traders - this list is made up of the shops who posted on the team blog over the past few weeks.

You can check for items up for trade by team members by searching with the tag "TEAM TRADE ON"! Some shops have EVERYTHING up for grabs - check shop announcements for details and what shops would like to trade for!

Check the blog for the rules around trading if you need a refresher - or if you are new! etsytradeaholics.blogspot.com Handle your initial negotiations via convo before posting, and please please don't be disappointed if they say no... :) unless you're trading for cash!!! (read: buying)

Post here on the thread who you are hoping to trade with, and after it's done, post your transactions! That means BOTH of you!!!!

Once you trade with someone, you knock them off the list and you replace them! Easy peasy! (If both traders are on the list, neither gets knocked off.) And feel free to update the list with what you are offering - just make sure you get it right! (i don't want to have to break up any fights!)

You do NOT have to be a member of the TradeAHolics team to play! Just join in and enjoy the company!

The Trade And Replace starts Saturday, October 3rd and goes till Saturday, October 18th, at 11:59pm. Make sure you go to the end of the thread for the most current list. Can you dig it?

If you have any questions, please check the blog, convo muffintopdesigns or post them here... the gang's really great at walking newbies through this!

so, here goes:

The list, with what each shop offers, is as follows (in the order that people commented on the blog)

vidia2be.etsy.com/ - paintings, vintage items

pattibear.etsy.com/ - seasonal decor, baby items

feltuptees.etsy.com/ - applique shirts

healingstones.etsy.com/ - semiprecious jewelry

plumstars.etsy.com/ - tags, notecards, journals

monasmane.etsy.com/ - knitted items, banners, avatars

ciaohound.etsy.com/ - pet treats

sidheforest.etsy.com/ - paintings

kimsmissprissy.etsy.com/ - hairbows, clippies and accessories

mrsalib.etsy.com/ - jewelry and charms

sweetside.etsy.com/ - supplies and craft books

luckyrosiescreations.etsy.com/ - OOAK clothing and accessories

stacirose.etsy.com/ - jewelry and gifts

blingismything.etsy.com/ - jewelry and accessories

passthelasso.etsy.com/ - prints, cards and paintings

wheezies.etsy.com/ - button covers, magnets and pendants

dreamersweb.etsy.com/ - novelty soaps and favors

designsbygalina.etsy.com/ - jewelry

tmrey.etsy.com/ - fiber art

covetables.etsy.com/ - dolls and plushies

READY... SET... TRADE ON!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 8:32am Oct 4, 2008 EDT


checking in!

Posted at 8:37am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

Salsagal avatar
Salsagal says

morning all...at an outdoor show today but back on tonight :)

Posted at 8:39am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

salsa - let us know how your show goes!

Posted at 8:39am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

Salsagal avatar
Salsagal says

will do :) trade on!!

Posted at 8:40am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

Okay, I'm still yawning but I'm here! Thanks Muffin for getting the fun started :) FYI I've already got one email inquiry I'm off to check out the shop!

Posted at 8:44am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

yay for trades!

Posted at 8:45am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

CiaoHound says

I'll checking in periodically, (I have to work today) but I'll be on a lot this evening. Hi everyone! I think I get the bump thing now :) I put things I'm interested in in my shop announcement; everything in my shop is eligible.

Posted at 8:48am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

Morning everyone.

Posted at 8:49am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

morning all!

hey kristy! it's so nice to see you!

ciao - yay for getting the bump thing, LOL!

Posted at 8:50am Oct 4, 2008 EDT