Monday's "Sneak Attack" at 2pm EST, come and join us!

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Original Post

PhippsArt has put together a great way to encourage newbies and struggling shops. If you want to help, or just find out what it is all about, read on!

We get as many interested potential buyers as we can, and then at 2pm today, the shop that is due the attack with be revealed. The selected shop has 0 or just a few sales. We then give them a "sneak attack", where we all go buy something from them. It's not compulsory, but if you like something, and you can afford it, or you're buyiing your Christmas gifts already, then hell why not?

Today's' shop has already been chosen and will be "attacked" starting at 2:00pm Eastern time this afternoon (7pm GMT). The shop will be disclosed at at the time of the attack so it remains a secret until then! (There is a hint on the site telling what type of shop it is.) There are hints on the website to let you know what kind of shop it is and the price range of the items, which start from being very affordable so that as many people can join in as possible.

This will be an ongoing thing- refer to for a schedule of the next few "Sneak Attacks"!

Please leave 'sneak attack' in the notes to seller--The seller will be sent a convo shortly before the attack to let them in on the secret.

Finally, if you plan on participating, please say so in this thread to keep it alive and generate as much interest as possible. Our last sneak attack generated 39 SALES in just a few hours, we want this to be just as amazing for today's lucky "victim"!

Posted at 2:21am Oct 6, 2008 EDT


If you are interested in sponsoring this like I have, please find further information (including the e-mail address to use) on

Good karma all round :D

Posted at 2:24am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

bigbluebed says

It looks like great fun and it is going to be a special day for someone!!

Posted at 3:01am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

niftyknits says

what a fantastic idea :-)

Posted at 3:53am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

You're all welcome to take a look at the shop, there's no obligation to buy but you might just find something you've gotta have :)

Posted at 4:01am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

This is a brilliant idea, I love it! Hope my shop's attacked one day (never thought I'd say that:))....

Posted at 4:54am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

You never know CeeGee :D Hope you will join us later!

Posted at 4:54am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

skully says

Nice idea. If I get the time later I'll come along and check it out.

Posted at 5:06am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

Wenz27 says

What a sweet idea! Off to read all about it. :)

Posted at 5:06am Oct 6, 2008 EDT

Great, less than 9 hours to go ;)

Posted at 5:09am Oct 6, 2008 EDT