My best marketing tool: Twitter!

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Original Post

redpanda says

I want to share with the world! Of course what works for one person doesn't (and shouldn't) work for everyone, but as far as immediate results, twitter is far and above any other free networking marketing tool that I've used to increase my business.

What is twitter? It's a site for what's called "micro-blogging". You've got 140 characters to say whatever you want. You can follow other peoples' updates, and reply to their updates as well.

I tend to tweet whenever I list new interesting items, but mostly about my personal life, what's going on, and most importantly, I reply to other tweets! This makes for a sense of community. I like community. :)

I've made 3 definite sales from people who found me on twitter within the past week, and I found the Unique Women in Business group (convo me if you're interested in joining) through twitter which has led to a TON of sales for me. I love it!

Here's the secret! TARGET who you're following. Twitter has this nifty search tool ( I do a search for chainmaille, or chainmail, and then follow everyone who has tweeted about it recently. These are people who already know about the things I made, but may not be familiar with my shop.

I also have recently followed everyone who etsy is following. These are people who know about etsy, and like the concept, but may not have been introduced to my individual shop.

Think of your target market, and who they would be following. Then go and follow all of them!

After a week, if you want to clear out those who aren't following you back, you can use to do so.

In the left part of my twitter page, I have a small collage of my items with my web address. Anyone who looks at my page will instantly know what I make and where to find it.

This is a long post, but hopefully informative. I'd love to see you all on twitter!

<3 Jessica

Posted at 1:04pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT


thanks for sharing!

Posted at 1:05pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

SupplyRiot says

I agree! I LOVE twitter!! Mine is

Posted at 1:07pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

marking - thanks for the info!

Posted at 1:08pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

mybirch says

AH! AMAZING POST!! I have been wondering what the heck Twitter is but to embaressed to ask! You awesome thank you SO much!!!!

Posted at 1:09pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

I need to look into twitter. How much time a week do you twitter?

Posted at 1:12pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

notmoira says

I LOVE LOVE LOVE twitter. It's like crack. I post about 20 times a day, lol.

Anyone feel free to add me! :) :)

Posted at 1:12pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

notmoira says

I even twitter by text message from my cell phone, because I can't get to it from work.



Posted at 1:12pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

redpanda says

I don't think I could put a time amount on it. It's only 140 characters, so it takes 10 seconds to actually write a post. It's like blogging without the time commitment. Haha.

I have a day job in front of a computer all day, so when I have down time I just go through and read posts from other people and reply to them.

Posted at 1:13pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT

Padaysia says

I need to check this out! I am still a little confused as to what "twitter" is... hmmmm

Posted at 1:14pm Oct 8, 2008 EDT