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Original Post

dottyral says

Hi everyone. I saw redpanda's thread about Twitter, joined, and wanted to make a background like hers but don't have photoshop.

I figured out a way to make one without it. A few people have asked me how I did it, so here it is.

Go to flickr's Mosaic Maker.
You have to create an account in order to upload photos from your computer.

Choose the number of square tiles you want. I did 2x8. I think I did 2 pixels between photos. Leave the top two tiles blank! They'll get cut off on Twitter.

Download all of the photos and place them in the mosaic.

Save to your computer. I then opened it with "paint" and typed in my etsy address at the top in the blank area. It's not clickable, but at least it's visible.

Then go here to resize it to 125 pixels wide.

To put it on your Twitter page, go to Settings, Design, Change Background Image, then upload it.

Hope that made sense. If you do it, show us!

Posted at 10:38am Oct 11, 2008 EDT


LMcreation says

Thankyou, this is very, very helpful .. my goal for this weekend is to get started on Twitter (plus there are times when I want mosaic pics to list on Etsy).

Posted at 11:13am Oct 11, 2008 EDT

dottyral says

Glad it helped LM! I've used it for wholesale listings here. It's pretty handy.

Posted at 11:20am Oct 11, 2008 EDT

charul says


Posted at 11:31am Oct 11, 2008 EDT


Posted at 11:45am Oct 11, 2008 EDT

DragonRags says

Thanks! I'll try this when I have a bit of time.

Posted at 11:47am Oct 11, 2008 EDT

thanks for sharing this. I have always wondered how people got that little thing up there.

Posted at 11:49am Oct 11, 2008 EDT

thanks dotty for the tip, I'm following u now!

Posted at 12:25pm Oct 11, 2008 EDT

Padaysia says

Wow, awesome, ThAnKs!

Posted at 12:27pm Oct 11, 2008 EDT

dottyral says

Thanks all.

Anyone get it done yet? It took me forever, but then again I had to redo it too many times to get it to fit right.

Posted at 12:57pm Oct 11, 2008 EDT