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dottyral says

Hi all! Checked out the rest. So creative!

Posted at 1:46pm Oct 14, 2008 EDT

ragsnehali says

thanks dotty..I just did mine -

Posted at 3:22pm Oct 14, 2008 EDT

3zart says

Thanks for the compliments dottyral & time4coffee! And thanks again dottyral for posting this. Now I'm addicted to the mosaic too lol, just made me a new shop banner.

Posted at 5:17pm Oct 14, 2008 EDT

I took screen shots of my etsy mini from both my shops, combined them in one image, and scaled it to 90p wide.

Posted at 6:33pm Oct 14, 2008 EDT

Check out my new background,it me a while to find the time to make it!

Posted at 5:46pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

Great information! I'm bookmarking this thread! :)

Posted at 5:48pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

Marking for later :)
Thank you !

Posted at 6:07pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

I redesigned mine using the 6x6 mosaic tool, then uploaded it to Flickr, saved the file on my computer, and then opted for the 'tile background' option on Twitter. The images fill the entire Twitter background now. I bypassed the image compression step because it caused significant image quality deterioration.

What do you think? :)

Posted at 6:42pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

dippylulu says

Does anyone ever go to a twitter page? I only visit another page once to mark to follow and that is it. I only visit my own to update it and don't bother looking at anyone else's.

Posted at 6:45pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT