Crochet vs Tatting

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Original Post

Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine. I realize that not everyone crochets and certainly not everyone tats. All I ask is that you please get it right when tagging your items.

As a tatter, I love to search etsy to see what the other tatters are creating, but I always seem to be bombarded by mislabeled crochet. If you've added an edging or applique to a piece that you bought at an auction or estate sale, try to make sure you know what it is. If you're not sure, there are plenty of people who can help you recognize the difference.

Tatting is made up of "rings" and "chains." It has a very distinctive look. Crochet is much more varied in its appearance.

Maybe it's just me that's annoyed by this, I'm sure most people are blissfully unaware of the difference, but I just had to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading my rant.

Posted at 12:54pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT


LaurieRyan says

I love tatting, I had a piano teacher who's sister did that and she was so good, she tried to teach me, LOL that didn't take though. I love your shop and I understand how you feel they are totally different

Posted at 12:55pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

AlwaysAmy says

Hey, I wanna add that knit & crochet is also different. Stop tagging with them like they are interchangeable.

Posted at 12:55pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

tagging abuse drives me NUTS! if you don't know what it is, then don't add it to the tags!

btw, tatting rocks!

Posted at 12:56pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

i do both...on occassion. I am tatting a is a 5 year project!

i will help bump this up...

Posted at 12:57pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

AlwaysAmy, I hadn't even thought about the knit and crochet thing! That happens annoys me, too. Thanks for chiming in!

Posted at 12:59pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

You're a tatter?! Wow, my hat's off to you! I've done them all - crochet, knit, embroider, sew - but tatting is the one thing I could never get the hang of!

Re the tagging issue, I agree it would be nice if everyone could tag perfectly, but I also know that many buyers don't even know the difference between crochet and knit, much less tat. In these lean economic times people are going to try to pull in all the buyers they can, right wrong or indifferent.

Not saying it's right - just my thoughts on why it's happening.

Posted at 12:59pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

I love tatting and can tell the difference even though I do not tat. It is truly a work of art!

I hearted your shop keenaskreations -- would love to see more doilies!

Posted at 1:00pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

yarrow1 says

I respect tatting but have never got the hang of it. I do crochet and I do know the differences. My stepdad used to tatt.

Posted at 1:03pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT

I don't think the problem starts on etsy. A lot of times it starts wherever someone got the edgings, doilies, etc that they add to their projects. They were told it's tatting, so they take it for granted. It's just to me that if you've seen tatting, you can tell when something is and isn't tatting. Does that make sense?

Putting four kinds of edgings you bought at an auction on a piece and saying they're four kinds of tatting when one is obviously crochet just seems almost lazy to me. I always seem to see threads in techniques and materials asking for help identifying stones or things from jewelers, but no one ever seems to ask, "Hey is this knitting or crochet?" It never hurts to ask ;)

Posted at 1:05pm Oct 13, 2008 EDT