What is the best glue to attach a cabochon to a metal ring base?

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Original Post

What the title says ;)

Posted at 10:44pm Oct 14, 2008 EDT


ekra says

My favorite glue is E6000, it seems to bond most everything. Use it in a well-ventilated area though, it is stinky and the vapors can be harmful.

Posted at 10:46pm Oct 14, 2008 EDT

let's bring this thread back to up again. i have the same question posted above.

Posted at 10:02pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

I've used E6000 for cabochons to metal bases. It works well and I still have some of those items from over 10 years ago. (unfortunately they didn't all sell!) They're still together!

Posted at 10:12pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

beadlady5 says

Have to agree with ekra--I find that E6000--if used correctly--will really do the trick--
It's really important to follow the directions on the tube carefully!
good luck--
ta,ta margo :o)

Posted at 10:13pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

Am I the only one who can't get e6000 to work for the life of me? Maybe I'm just glue-doomed. Ive tried that, and gorilla glue (which a friend of mine swears by for her pieces) and everything just seems to pop off! I can get maybe 1 in 10 pieces to stick... Its very frustrating. So i'd love to hear more options from others!

Posted at 10:18pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

I have never attempted to glue a cabochon onto a ring because I would wonder if it would hold up long term. Rings get subjected to water, lotions, oils, cleaners etc. On any quality ring I would use a bezel that can be formed to hold the stone in place mechanically rather than chemically (glue) just my thoughts....

Posted at 10:23pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

beadlady5 says

Hey alterdelenda--
ya gotta read the directions real carefully--
read this:http://www.filigreejewelrysupplies.com/The_Layering_Technique.html

good luck--
don't give up--you will get it with practice!
ta,ta margo ;o)

Posted at 10:24pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

I love GS hypo cement but it's tricky to work with on a large surface & if it's humid out it does tend to dry white rather than clear. I try to use E6000 glue when I work with securing larger pieces together but have found that on plated pieces the the glue tends to pull off the plating thus seperating the cab or bead from the backing or post.

Posted at 10:26pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the link beadlady. Ive taken to drilling holes in some pieces just to stay away from having to glue anything on. hahaha.
Though i'm afraid to drill through, and ruin, the fused glass pieces i've been working on.... sooooo hopefully I get the glue thing down pretty quickly!

Posted at 10:31pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT