What is the best glue to attach a cabochon to a metal ring base?

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thanks guys, i will try the E6000 then.

Posted at 11:44pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

alterdelenda says:
Am I the only one who can't get e6000 to work for the life of me? Maybe I'm just glue-doomed. Ive tried that, and gorilla glue (which a friend of mine swears by for her pieces) and everything just seems to pop off! I can get maybe 1 in 10 pieces to stick... Its very frustrating. So i'd love to hear more options from others!

LOL your not alone, I have like 10 tubes of different glues, none of them work for me. :(

Posted at 11:46pm Sep 16, 2009 EDT

E6000 is fantastic. you can always lightly abrase the surface of the ring with fine sand paper to make sure it really sticks! Make sure to let the ring set at least 24 hours after attaching the cabochon

Posted at 1:18pm Sep 17, 2009 EDT

I too have glue troubles. I have many pairs of earrings I can not sell yet because I need to secure a bead from spinning around. I just can't get the glues to stick.

Posted at 4:32pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

shoutrinse says

To make E6000 stick better try texturing the metal surface with a dremel, or rough sandpaper. If the cab is opaque you could do the same thing on that, gently...

Posted at 4:34pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

Make sure to abrade the back of the item you will be gluing, you'll get better adhesion. I LOVE e6000 but a 2 part epoxy will work too.

Posted at 4:35pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

One more tip,

e6000 is awesome and has always worked well for me.

Just DON'T get the big tube, it is a mess to use and I found out the hard way that usually the glue dries up too quickly and doesn't adhere things well.

Get the small tube and you will find that it works very well and is much easier to use. :)

Posted at 10:28pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

Quincifer says

Hi, I was about to ask this question too!
Only a couple of my rings seem to have fully set, the others still seem to like sliding about... as a precaution for next time should I 'scratch' the surfaces first to hold the glue or something?
(I'm a new jewellery maker so still testing the ropes)

Posted at 1:27pm Mar 2, 2010 EST