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Original Post

Squidlimbs says

You've spent hours designing your banner in Illustrator. It looks great, clean lines, clear shapes and colors. BUT when you upload it to Etsy the quality drops dramatically, forcing you to change your logo, banner and colors! You've checked that the banner size is correct, it is. You've even lowered the size of the image. Still it looks nothing like the original... How annoying...

Etsy should do something about the automatic image-wrecking. My banner is really awful because I HAD to use photos instead of my original banner that I designed in Illustrator. I wanted to use my Squidlimbs logo to match my tags and packaging but it just looked blurry and pixelated.

If this has happened to you please post a reply.

Posted at 9:29pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT


joojy says

what kind of quality drop are you talking?

Posted at 9:43pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

quirkybags says

Etsy does change the quality of the images a bit, but some people have figured out how to get around it, because there are some amazing banners here. Maybe post in the Help section to see if you can get some tips?

Posted at 9:48pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

I used GIMP...which is a free download and it worked pretty well

Posted at 9:58pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

JudyStalus says

I have many of the same image files loaded on Etsy and Flickr and they consistently look better on flickr. Even when I load an image that is exactly the size Etsy uses there is a loss of sharpness. I never noticed til I started looking at the Flickr images next to the Etsy images. I don't know how Etsy manages to do it but every photo is slightly degraded, some more than others, on Etsy.

Posted at 10:03pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

I always start out making a banner exactly what Etsy suggests -- 760 x 100. I never make a huge banner and let Etsy shrink it for me. Most of the banners I have made don't turn out all wonky if I stick to that plan. :)

Sorry about that problem, what a hassle!


Posted at 10:09pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

are you uploading a jpeg? I have much more luck uploading images I've made in photoshop than illustrator. I love illustrator to death but for some reason things I make on there never seem to be the size I thought they were. Even when I set the size. Try opening the banner you made on Illustrator in photoshop, re-saving it as a jpeg from photoshop (double check that it is still the right amount of pixels) and then upload it. A pain, but it might help.

Posted at 10:13pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

save it in Photoshop as a JPEG and make sure it set for highest quality.
Should help

Posted at 10:23pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

Squidlimbs says

I've uploaded my banner in all possible file types, they all turn out the same. I don't let Etsy shrink it for me, I upload to the correct banner size.

The problem is I shouldn't have to change my colors just because Etsy reduces the quality of my banner. I can't just spend hours changing my banner colors until one turns out OK. It's a waste of time and with a business, you want to use YOUR design not what you're forced to use by Etsy.

The quality of my original banner is perfect, crisp clean. When uploaded it looks disgusting, all the colors are pixelated and blurring into each other. With random bits of colors I never chose.

Posted at 10:27pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

Squidlimbs says

Btw, I design my banner in Illustrator, open it in Photoshop and save as JPEG in Photoshop, highest quality.

Posted at 10:28pm Oct 16, 2008 EDT

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