Paypal and Etsy? Seller Questions

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Original Post

bafraid31 says

I'm ready to take the plunge and become a seller on Etsy however, I'm a little unclear (and I'm still wading through the information on the FAQ pages) on how you set up an item to have your buyer go through paypal. Paypal will also sent automatic invoices to people after a purchase? Sales tax apply? I have a paypal account and an Etsy account so I've got the pieces. Any advice is welcome.

Posted at 12:12am Oct 18, 2008 EDT


DaliDecals says

as long as your paypal email address is correctly entered in your etsy page for payment, you should be all set.

buyers will automatically be given a link to click on, where it will take them to check out through your paypal.. Just be sure your email address matches up. :)

Posted at 12:15am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

bafraid31 says

Do I need to upgrade my paypal account to a certain level for this?

Posted at 12:18am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

just go to 'my etsy', 'shop setup', 'payment options' and select whatever payment options you want to take. =) simple!

Sales tax depends on how your accountant and you decided that you want to handle it.

Posted at 12:22am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

I have basic paypal and it has workded just fine

Posted at 12:23am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

Hi, I to am just about ready to take the plunge as a seller on Etsy. Have read a lot on the Forums and FAQ pages. Glad to see the support out here, and always grateful

Posted at 12:31am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

One thing to note is that sometimes buyers won't realize that they need to take that "extra step" to complete payment on PayPal and can be confused by the fact that they are sent to that separate site and need to sign in. If you get an email from Etsy letting you know you have a sale, but don't get one from PayPal letting you know that payment has come through, you can contact the buyer or generate an invoice from PayPal to help them pay. A lot of time it is simply confusion.

Be sure that any payments made to you via PayPal CLEAR before you ship anything. People can use echecks, which can take a few days to clear.

Good luck!

Posted at 12:40am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

StudioYTE says

bafraid...don't be afraid! Hope you join us soon!

Posted at 12:47am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

bafraid31 says

Thanks to everyone! I'll be setting up shop hopefully over the next couple of days.

Posted at 12:49am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

Nope! You only upgrade if you want to use the sell buttons on a makes it easier...I'm pretty sure that would be the only reason to upgrade...I'm not even upgraded and I use paypal for my website to sell...

Posted at 12:53am Oct 18, 2008 EDT

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