♥ TradeAHolics Week of October 19th 2008 Chat Thread! ♥

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Original Post

Hey all!

Here's the new thread for the week... have at it!

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful Trade and Replace! Let's do it again after the holiday rush is over!!!!!!!!!!!!

poke around on the blog here - etsytradeaholics.blogspot.com

FYI - we will be closing membership again now that the Trade and Replace is over. thanks to everyone who responded and became members!!! i can't wait to TRADE!!

I will be updating all the appropriate lists on the blogs and here on etsy during the next two weeks, plus Indulgent and I will be wrapping up the shop category list on the Traders' Blog (the big long list)

anyway, here's to another week of etsy fun and crafting! TRADE ON!!!!

xoxoox muffin

Posted at 2:43am Oct 19, 2008 EDT


chardie18 avatar
chardie18 says


Am I too late.... would LOVE LOVE LOVE to become a part of this?

Kind regards,


Posted at 2:50am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

YEA, still here. Would miss ya too much!

Posted at 5:27am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

Morning All
chardie....never too late to trade.

The list is here...


I'm not on it yet, however I am definetly a Trade A Holic

Trade on !!

Posted at 7:34am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

I'm here--just checking in before church!

Posted at 7:47am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

charde! welcome!!!

even though our team membership is closed now, i can definitely add you to the list... i am updating everything over the next couple of weeks, so convo me and let me know!!!!!!!

Posted at 8:29am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

Uneek4U says

If someone wants to add me to the list. I "missed" actually signing up. DOH!!!

Posted at 9:09am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

GemsandDolls avatar
GemsandDolls says

Hello all Uneek4U I love your shop! Can't wait till we trade. Going to clean house and study today.

Posted at 9:11am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

Hey chardie, welcome!
Good morning everyone!
You all inspired me to re-do my studio, I will post pics when complete.

Posted at 9:19am Oct 19, 2008 EDT

My other shop, earringparadise is not on the list either....

Posted at 9:27am Oct 19, 2008 EDT