USA to UK? How long does it normally take to ship?

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Original Post

mcknee says

Hi guys :) This isn't intended as a call out thread or anything(we haven't left feedback for each other yet). I just want to ask what the "normal" amount of time usually is, for a small parcel coming from america to the uk. How long do you usually wait before you get worried or contact the seller? I've been waiting 20 days so far, i'm trying not to worry too much as it's one of my first Etsy purchases, but everything else i ordered on the same day came about a week later(which was great!)They were from hong kong and the US.

I'm trying not to be impatient lol but i don't know what i should do if it doesn't turn up at all. The seller also hasn't ticked the item as "shipped" yet either.

I suppose i'll just wait another week and see what happens. You guys got any similar stories or advice to keep me amused for a while? :)

Thanks *hug* I'm sorry if i've offended anyone or posted in the wrong place etc :( I'm still a noob with no etsy friends to ask these things yet. Sorry.

Posted at 7:11am Oct 20, 2008 EDT


usually a couple of weeks but it depends if Customs allow the item through quickly.

Posted at 7:11am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

I had a package get there in six days - amazing. It was a padded envelope, not heavy.

Posted at 7:13am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

CutNGlue says

I ordered something from England on a Thursday afternoon it was at my house the following Wednesday (and that Monday was a postal holiday) So, 5 days.

Posted at 7:13am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

mcknee says

Oh btw, i'd love to meet more UK seller while i'm here!! :D

Thanks hyperloops, i guess i'm just impatient LOL.

Posted at 7:13am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

I've had things take anywhere from 3 days to 27 days to arrive from the U.S. It really depends on how it was sent as well. If it's priority international, this should get to you in 2-3 weeks at most. If it's first class international it usually takes up to 4 weeks.

Also, if you can, ask the seller you bought from for a tracking number. There are tracking numbers on packages sent internationally from the U.S. & they should be able to at least track down where it is.

Lastly, did the seller post the item the same day that you purchased it? It may be delayed because the seller didn't post promptly. All have happened to me. <3 Good luck with finding your package!

Posted at 7:13am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

seaurchin says

It doesn't hurt to contact the seller, as long as you do it in a non-accusatory way:) Sometimes things get held up at customs, and there are other shipping issues beyond the seller's control, but it doesn't hurt to ask when it was shipped-so you know when to expect it :)

Posted at 7:13am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

I've shipped many packages from the East Coast, USA to various destinations in the UK and I've had packages arrive there in 3 days and I've had packages take 12 days.

The Postal Service, no matter what country, is an adventure!

Posted at 7:14am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

CutNGlue says

If I were you, I would contact the seller. They may have forgotten about your order. Sometimes thing do "slip through the cracks." Good Luck!

Posted at 7:15am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

I wonder how long until this thread gets tagged. LOL
Freakin' "report this post" trigger happy people.

I'd like to know this too, as I just sent something to the UK. Curious.

Posted at 7:15am Oct 20, 2008 EDT