Sneak Attack for Monday Oct. 20th

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Original Post

Their a lot of fun! Let's make someone's day by all pouncing on TWO unsuspecting shops at the same time today and each making a small (or large!) purchase. The shops have only a few sales so far, so this will be a big surprise! Can you imagine?

Today's Sneak Attack is at 2:00pm EST. The shop will be revealed right at that time at

In the meantime you an go to the site and see a few hints about the shop. How do you participate? Just show up at the above time or in the hours following and make a purchase at the chosen shop! Even if you don't make a purchase, it's fun to be around to see the sales quickly add up!

Today's shops have already been chosen.

Please tell us if you might be showing up this afternoon! You're under no obligation to actually make a purchase, but if you say hi in this thread you'll help keep it alive and make it more successful.

Have fun!

Posted at 8:46am Oct 20, 2008 EDT


Thank you to phippsart for allowing me to copy and paste the opening from a previous attack.

It's attack-arama. TWO shops to choose from, each selling their own unique style of items. There is a lot to choose from so don't miss this opportunity to say howdy to these great shops

Posted at 8:48am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

Tennekka says

Good morning Doad ... I'll be at work when this one happens but I'll check in later tonight!

Posted at 8:52am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

Great Tennekka, I hope there's something left for you....hahah. Actually I hope they sell out!

Posted at 8:53am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

you guys are gonna this hard on my....LOL. I'm tellin ya, these shops are the kewlest and I'd hate for you to miss out

Posted at 8:59am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

"make this hard on me" I must need more coffee

Posted at 9:00am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

I will be working, but if time allows I will check in. I think this is a great way to get to knowsome more generous Etsians

Posted at 9:00am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

Cool - I'm going to keep an eye on this!

Posted at 9:02am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

This is sure a new concept! I'm curious.

Posted at 9:05am Oct 20, 2008 EDT

two shops? Cool :)

Posted at 9:08am Oct 20, 2008 EDT