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Original Post

Blondheart says

This thread is for the Artist Bears & Friends Team, however anyone may join in the conversation!

If you are not familiar with our team, you can check it out here:


If you aren't familiar with artist bears, I will include some fast faq's

Mohair comes from angora goats and is woven into a cotton backing. It retails for over 100.00 a yard.

The first teddy bear was made by Margaret Steiff in 1902.

Teddy bears got their name because of a political cartoon about Teddy Roosevelt.

The first "Artist Teddy Bear" appeared on the scenes around 35 years ago.

There are thousands of artists who make teddy bears worldwide.

Teddy Bear artists are some of the nicest people in the world! *winks*

So come on in, join the fun and get to know us and our bears. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Posted at 7:16pm Oct 20, 2008 EDT


Blondheart says

Now for a little personal info:

I have been a teddy bear artist since 1981. I bought a book called "Making Your Own Teddy Bear." I had never had my own teddy bear as a kid, just two that belonged to my Father so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. It turned out TERRIBLE! So I made my own pattern and tried it again. It turned out pretty good, and I made one for a friend who showed it to a lady who owned a gift shop. She called and asked if she could buy some for the shop...and the rest as they say is history!

Since then I have been fortunate enough to travel the world doing shows, meeting amazing people and doing a lot of good for charities along the way. It's been a wonderful career and I have enjoyed every moment of it! I make bears and animals that reflect a well loved look. I want to create memories of a childhood past or one simply wished for!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Here is a link to my shop:

Posted at 7:24pm Oct 20, 2008 EDT

I've always had a thing for bears. I didn't have a lot of toys as a child... I was brought up in postwar London until I was 6. But I did have a bear! Teddy was his name... it still is! He sits down in my "studio" and oversees my bear making.
I started making bears when my youngest was 9...she loved bears. She has the first I made ( shudder ) and her daughter is playing with him now. I've made over 5500 bears and enjoyed almost every one. They've gone all over the world.
I too have met all sorts of people doing shows. Not too long ago a customer decided that my husband, who is my show assistant, looked familiar. After lots of probing and questions, it turns out that they had been friends and coworkers 30 plus years ago and 2,000 miles away! Small world... a friendship has been renewed! The "Bear World" is smaller than you might think.
I enjoy being a bear maker or a bear artist. I can't imagine not doing this... come and take a look!

Posted at 9:16pm Oct 20, 2008 EDT

My name is Shelley. I am the Team Leader for Artist Bears & Friends. I make miniature teddy bears with a specialty in recycled real fur bears. I make what my husband describes as evidence of my obsessive compulsive nature. I have loved making anything with my hands since I was seven and started making Barbie Doll Clothes for kids in the neighborhood.

I made my first bear because a friend said I couldn't. I did and haven't stopped since. For me, it's all about the challenge. The smaller the bear, the harder it is to make, the more I like it. When the process starts getting easier, I design something new and more difficult.

Next to the challenge of this art form, I like bear makers best. They are talented and interesting and unfailingly kind. I guess one should expect that of people who make what is recognized as a universal symbol of comfort, but their generosity of spirit always surprises me.

Please take a moment to look at the many artist bear offerings on Etsy by searching for "Artist Bears & Friends Team". There's something for everyone, no matter what your tastes are.
Shelley K. Bossert
the NCTeddyBearLady

Posted at 11:15pm Oct 20, 2008 EDT

Jigpaws says

I'm fairly new to the teddy bear artist world as I've only been making bears for just over a year now. I stumbled across artist bears on another website and immediately became hooked!! I decided I'd like to 'have a go' at making a bear myself so bought myself a few bear making books and the rest, as they say, is history!!
All my bears are hand stitched and made from either mohair or deluxe faux fur in a variety of different sizes ranging from a tiny 1" to a rather larger 16".
I just LOVE what I do and love the idea that I'm creating something special for someone to treasure and love :o)
If you have the time why not pop into my shop and visit my bears :o)


Posted at 2:01am Oct 21, 2008 EDT

Blondheart says

*pops in* How are all the bear lovers today?

Posted at 8:52pm Oct 21, 2008 EDT

Hi All,
My name is Jenny and I design & create artist teddy bears and friends under my label "jennylovesbenny".
I received my first 'hand-made' bear from my friend...that was the first time I heard about artist bears...then one weekend, looking for something to do, my husband heard on the radio about the Kensington Teddy fair and off we went.
My artist bear world was born the minute I step foot into Kensington town hall...I started by creating and make my own bears, initially for friends as gifts and when I returned home to Australia I quit my job and became a full time bear artist and with a blink of an eye, Jennylovesbenny turns 5y.o this month!! :D
It's been a delight making bears and it has certainly kept me very busy and more importantly, it's kept me very happy! :D
Here are some of my work, I also create patterns for my bears so you can create your own beloved bears. Enjoy =D

Posted at 7:32am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

Blondheart says

Jenny I love your bears, they are adorable!

Posted at 11:07pm Oct 22, 2008 EDT

@Blondhear - thank you heaps for your lovely comments...right back at ya girly! I especially love your sweet pretty pink bird :D

Posted at 5:04am Oct 23, 2008 EDT

<img src="http://jennylovesbenny.com/bears/100sunday.jpg">
To celebrate JLB's 5th birthday I'm giving away Sunday pattern...I've even included instructions on how to make his recycle sock jumper. To get his free pattern, please click on the link below.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print the pattern. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy at www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
Please make sure your Adobe print setting is set to: Select "Page Scaling" = to shrink to Printable area and print. I hope you enjoy :D

Posted at 5:19am Oct 23, 2008 EDT