Get Your Bids In: Team EcoEtsy's Auction for a Cause

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Original Post

Hello Etsians!

Please check out EcoEtsy's Auction for a Cause, where we are auctioning off a basket full of handmade, eco-friendly goodies to the highest bidder:

The auction started on October 20th and will last until the 30th! The basket has over $300 worth of eco-friendly items in it, and the winning bid will be donated to the Nature Conservancy! It's EcoEtsy's way of giving back to the environment, and you can too by bidding!

Here's the photo gallery of items that were donated:

You can follow the progress of the auction on our blog:

Subscribe to our blog to receive updates if it's easier for you to follow it that way:

Check out comments from EcoEtsy members below if you'd like to read more about what each member donated to the basket, and how the item is eco-friendly.

Get your bids in today!

EcoEtsy Co-Leader

Posted at 9:56am Oct 22, 2008 EDT


EcoKate says

Hi! I donated a set of 3 eco-friendly dish cloths to the basket like this set (but in light blue, dark blue, and cream):

These cloths are wonderful for doing dishes, as they are washable and reusable! You can say goodbye to throw-away sponges! These are also great replacements for paper towels! They are made from 100% cotton and really get the job done!

Posted at 10:08am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

Man so many great things in this auction and for a great cause. Each and every one of these thing would make great gifts.

I donated a little coin purse similar to this one, only a beautiful celery green. My coin purses are made from eco-conscious hemp/certified organic cotton, hand-dyed using low impact dyes and a minimal amount of water.

Thanks so much!

Posted at 10:12am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

There are so many awesome eco-friendly gifts in the auction!

Posted at 10:15am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

EcoKate says

JenniferJoy, your link isn't working... here's a working link to the item she was referring to, which is beautiful, by the way:

Posted at 10:15am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

Ugh sorry, this copy and paste thing gets me sometimes :) yes, refer to the link EcoKate posted...oh and bid on this awesome auction!

Posted at 10:22am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

I donated my convertible button.... bracelet, choker, tie!

I have several in my sold items but you can get the jist by stoppin' by!

Posted at 10:44am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

This is a great thing you are doing!! Off to check out your shops!

Posted at 11:03am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

Thanks for saying so Wendy!

Posted at 11:14am Oct 22, 2008 EDT

The bag I donated for this auction is similar to this one in my shop:
The only difference is that the RRR symbol and handles in the donated bag are made of a reclaimed suit coat. This bag is kind of a fun way to "Bring Your Own Bag" to the grocery store or drug store in a way that makes a statement. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Thanks to our great ecoetsy team leaders for putting this auction together. It's for a great cause!

Posted at 11:44am Oct 22, 2008 EDT