I'm sick of China!!!!!!

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Original Post

andrada says

I’m sick of China!!!
Please don’t get me wrong. I know that there are a lot of talented and honest people and I’ve seen some beautiful things made by artist from China and I have a profound respect for them.
But this is not about them. This is about the “art factories” and I’m sick to see how they invade with cheap and bad quality works. The Internet is full of “original paintings made in China”, the Ebay is full, now they are on Etsy. I‘m an artist and I love what I’m doing and I need to sell my art because that keeps me creating. But I can’t afford to sell my art for nothing… And when I see a huge painting for only 90$ … I can’t believe it!
It the same with jewelry, clothes, with everything!
I’m so angry and revolted and I’m feeling so powerless…

Posted at 9:10am Oct 25, 2008 EDT


spidercamp says

andrada says:
I’m sick of China!!!
Please don’t get me wrong.


It is going to be very easy for some people to "get you wrong" when your title expresses distaste for an entire nation.

Posted at 9:12am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

miasophia says

im so sorry andrada! How frustrating that must be for you. You have beautiful work that couldn't be duplicated in a sweat shop! Real art buyers who appreciate quality know that.

Posted at 9:13am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

tealcatfan says

I know what you mean and how you feel, this was one of my biggest complaints when I did shows.. I do think that people know the difference in quality and they will buy your product if they want it no matter the price. Ebay any more is a Flea Market

Posted at 9:13am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

Don't give the factories a second thought. They are not your competition.

Posted at 9:14am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

PussDaddy says

One of my good friends on Etsy is from China and her stuff is handmade.

Posted at 9:14am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

Please don't say things like that Andrada.
China is a great nation, with millions of people making a living, just like everyone else.

Posted at 9:19am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

I understand what yuou are saying but... In a free market trading economy you have to take the good with the bad. I have the same issue with stained glass but really, people who want handcrafted and understand the difference between manufactured and hand made will pay the difference if they want to. The other gives people choices who can't afford the quality of hand made. I see that with stained glass. The mass produced items from other countries really don't compare to my quality standards and you can't customize those but.. for someone who wants stained glass inexpensively, it's a good alternative for them.

Posted at 9:19am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

I think we all knew what she meant when we read the title. I doubt the bulk of Etsy sellers have even met a person from China unless they live in a big city. Or even been to China.

I totally understand what you're saying..but I don't like any factory made product in any country that doesn't pay the crafter a fair wage. I crochet and I know a product hand crocheted and being sold for $9.99 is not paying a fair wage to the person who made it.

Aren't the art being sold reproductions?? I own real paintings and noone in their right mind could sell what I own for that cheap. Too much work went into it.

A buyer looking for the real deal knows where to look and how much they could expect to pay for it.

Posted at 9:20am Oct 25, 2008 EDT

You're not powerless...you have the power to produce your own beautiful art. Such a gift. No factory can compare with your heart and your hands creating what you sell.

Take care,
Pfeiffer Photos

Posted at 9:20am Oct 25, 2008 EDT