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Original Post

Hi gang!

Here's our new thread! :)

& hearts; Don't forget to check out the blog for the Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry details: etsytradeaholics.blogspot.com

♥ THANKS to everyone who participated in the Trade and Replace! We'll have another after the holidays, so don't worry if you got left out this time around!

♥ MEMBERSHIP is now CLOSED... and the lists on the blogs are slowly being updated. i have sent a email/welcome message to our newbies - if you did not get one, please let me know so i can add you to the mailing list!

Anyway, settle in, grab some coffee/chai/milk, and chat with us!

Posted at 7:14am Oct 27, 2008 EDT


coffee !! mmmmm

Happy Monday Traders !!!

Thanks for the new thread Muffin

Posted at 7:17am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

can you believe we already have 12 people signed up for the Secret Santa?

and thanks to stacirose for helping me become more inclusive with our terminology! xoxoox

Posted at 7:17am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

found the new thread..I check several times a day :)

Posted at 8:59am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

good morning all!
hey muffin, if you need something sewn...I trade for that too! LOL

Posted at 9:05am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

and I almost forgot, Swisherhill and I did a trade last night--I am getting some fabulous soap and she is getting some mermaid earrings. Hey Chica and I are mid-trade as well...yahoo for trading!

Posted at 9:06am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

Wheezies says

Good morning ladies! Up too late last night creating and paying this am as I get ready for my "real" job.

I hope I can someday call this my "real" job!

Enjoy your Monday!

Posted at 9:34am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

Raevyn77 says

good morning everyone!

Posted at 10:53am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

vidia2be says

morning all

Countdown to Christmas

Can't Wait?
How long 'til Christmas?

58 Days

13 Hours

46 Minutes

...But who's counting?
LET's Trade ON

Posted at 11:14am Oct 27, 2008 EDT

Made a batch of chocolate covered cherry bubble bars this morning! They smell heavenly!!! Good enough to eat.

Hopefully can list them in the next couple of days.

Posted at 12:18pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT