Tracking guidelines for UPSP First class

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Original Post

I just wanted to give a heads up for any one who sends small packages via first class mail and likes to get confirmation or tracking.

There are size guidelines for small packages.

Note: All Package Services parcels mailed with Delivery Confirmation must measure at least 3/4" at the thickest point, or be in a rigid box.

If they are smaller than 3/4th inch your customer will be charged with a priority mail upgrade and asked to pay postage due upon receipt of merchandise.

I have made small jewelry supply purchases through Etsy and Ebay recently and had postage due upon receipt because of this…..

This has happened to me three times in the last 2 months!!!!! I hate having to go to the post office to pick up a 3 dollar charm and pay out 3 bucks on top of regular shipping.....

So, just a heads up to every one shipping small items, be aware of the USPS guidelines or your customers will have to pay.

Posted at 12:23 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT


I know this has to apply to some one?!

Posted at 12:56 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

Thanks for the information

Posted at 1:04 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

Dannielle says

It totally applies to me, but I was already aware. Just packaged two orders and they both got bubble wrap to make them thick enough.

Thanks for the heads up! I found out the hard way too.

Posted at 1:11 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

abdesigns says

Are you sure that the shipper is not shipping your item as a first class letter instead of a package? Letters must be less than 3/4" in thickness otherwise it is classified as a package and has a much higher shipping cost. So if your shipper is shipping thick bubble mailers using first class letter postage it will probably come with postage due.

Posted at 1:16 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

That's pretty awful.

Posted at 1:19 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

In all cases, they mentioned it was the tracking number on first class.

Posted at 1:22 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

qbranchltd says

If you are shipping in an large envelope and need to make your package more than 3/4" throw some shipping peanuts in the package and measure it. They add little weight and will allow you to ship FC Parcel with DC.

If you need to ship a flat large envelope as FC Parcel with DC place a hard board of cardboard inside the package - the envelope must not bend in any way. I do this all of the time with no problem when shipping my mats.

First Class Parcel is not First Class Mail and ships at a higher rate (which is fine as it gets your package there as fast or faster than Priority).

Posted at 1:24 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

Dannielle says

Yes, it's because of the delivery confirmation. If you use paypal for paying for and printing your label you automatically have to purchase delivery confirmation when you're mailing a first class package/thick envelope.

If the package is less than 3/4" thick, it can only be shipped with del conf if it's going priority. Becuase less than 3/4" thick does count as a letter and you can't ship a letter with delivery confirmation.

You must make the package at least 3/4" thick or your customer may have to pay the difference for priority shipping.

All it takes is some packing peanuts or bubble wrap to make the package thick enough.

Posted at 2:49 pm Oct 27, 2008 EDT

timely info

Posted at 11:31 am Feb 1, 2009 EST

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