how to resize a photo into an etsy banner using pse?

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Original Post

please help :) i have been away for a bit and i totally forgot how to resize a photo in order to turn it into my banner for my etsy shop...i am using pse 5....

any help would be SO greatly appreciated !

Posted at 1:01am Oct 30, 2008 EDT


any body?

Posted at 1:04am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

jenhintz says

pse=photoshop elements, right?

In order to take a photo and make it into a banner, you have to either resize it or crop it to 760x100 pixels. I recommend cropping, because just resizing it will stretch/compress/generally distort the image and probably make it so you can't tell what it is anymore.

Posted at 1:07am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

thanks jen, i must be doing something wrong, because the photo crops just fine when i do that, but it crops out everything. am i making sense? i guess i am hoping there is some way i can take a photo, and create a banner size from that photo...and somehow making it i making sense?

Posted at 1:10am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

What I have done when making my banner was to first open a "new" blank image in the size I wanted (760 x 100 Pixels) Then also open my desired image, re-size and process it it if desired, and then do "select all", then "copy". Then I go back to the blank image and "paste" my desired image onto the blank image. If it is small, I can then add other images. If it is big, I can move it around till the nicest part is showing, using the "Move" tool. Then I can save the no-longer-blank image and use it as a banner.
I hope this makes sense to explain the steps as best I can. I use Photoshop, but I think they work in a similar way. I made my banner this way, and I use this technique for making my images be the right size too.

Posted at 2:42am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

fuzzyummy says

I recommend cropping also.
You can crop an image into 760 by 100 px by choosing the "fixed size" mode istead of the normal.
And then you can type in the size and no matter how big or how small your image, after you have cropped it, it will be 760 by 100 px.

Posted at 7:54am Oct 30, 2008 EDT