Owls are so old school. What's the new *in* animal?

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Original Post

A friend of mine was discussing his vintage gift shop with me, and he laughingly said that he and his wife had declared a moratorium on owl merchandise... owls are huge sellers but they don't want to be the Owl Place. He was skeptical about getting anymore deer stuff too... that made me wonder, who the heck decides what animal is IN? Search for an owl and you get billions of items here on etsy. What is it about owls that is so damn appealing? What's gonna be next? Me, myself, I like coyotes (as an example, searching for coyote brings up 13 pages on etsy! a search for owl brings ****519****).....

Anyone else have fascinating insight? Puh-lease, it's 5am here, I need someone to humor my bizarre early morning diatribes..... :P

Posted at 8:18am Oct 30, 2008 EDT


I really love foxes. I want them to make a big return.

No one decides what animal is cool per se. Except for me. Now everyone go make more fox stuff!

Posted at 8:25am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

Octopi are in. They are everywhere on Etsy!

Posted at 8:27am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

burtonwood says

I will never admit that hedgehog aren't the "it" animal.

Posted at 8:28am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

I think it is any animal people are willing to buy!

Posted at 8:29am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

burtonwood says


Posted at 8:30am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

burtonwood says

Robot hedgies are even more popular.

Posted at 8:31am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

Foxes. And humans dressed in bear suits. I kid you not.

Posted at 8:31am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

I seem to be seeing birds everywhere I look! Little birdies. Has anyone else noticed this trend?

Posted at 8:32am Oct 30, 2008 EDT

How about robot hedgies dancing with humans in bear suits being eaten by foxes!

Posted at 8:32am Oct 30, 2008 EDT