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Original Post

We are soooo very excited to have moved into the neighborhood. Etsy(land) is the best and friendliest
place on the internet for international commerce. It is home to so many talented artists and crafts people. We would love to have you share your talents with us as we grow spiritually and build our businesses physically.

TeamCAC - Christian Artists and Crafters

We are a team of Christians who come into this group at different levels of spiritual growth in our walk with the Lord. We are here to support one another no matter what our level of faith or doctrine knowledge.

We liken it to swimming lessons. You have the: Guppies (New), Minnows (Beginners), Mermaids (Intermediate) and Dolphins (advanced). All part of the growing team, but different levels of knowledge and experience. Each one valuable and important.

We encourage our members to share their understandings and opinions on their faith and life experience without fear of judgment or condemnation. We are all on our own personal path and should feel safe, comfortable and supported on our journeys.

We ask that each member be cautious with their words, and speak through love, patience and compassion, as taught by our Master.

This team will be supervised by two monitors and should any member feel uncomfortable with a situation taking place within the team, the monitors are to be contacted immediately to handle the situation. Do NOT confront the person publically as this only makes others uncomfortable. Should a monitor ask a member to refrain from a particular behavior, and they do not abide, they will be asked to leave the group.

We will not be monitoring what people sell in their stores, but we just ask that you take into consideration how your items may reflect upon the team.

This is a "TEAM" and it is important that each member participate in team functions in an effort to raise visibility for our stores. This means pitching for others and making an effort to promote your fellow teammates, as well as, your own store.

Our agenda is to support one another in our sales, promotions, friendship and faith.

If you would like to be a part of team with a heart for Jesus Christ, come and join us!

Contact: HamptonHouse and KelliRene

To Join: Member requests must come through either TeamChristianArtistsandCrafters/

HamptonHouse or Kellirene


Posted at 7:56am Nov 1, 2008 EDT


Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman.
It is almost 7 o'clock Texas Time! Where is everyone?
I am going to put the coffee on. So come one in and
let's chat!

Posted at 7:59am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

What is on your to do list today?

Posted at 8:30am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

NeboBeads says

Hi HamptonHouse,

How can I find out if I'm a member? I did convo you awhile ago to join teamcac but I haven't heard back. Is there a list?

Posted at 8:49am Nov 1, 2008 EDT


Good morning!

Posted at 8:53am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

NeboBeads says

Good morning Knitblitz!

Posted at 8:56am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Nebo and others,

Kelli should be posting a new list today!
There will also be added info today about the team.
Sooooooo everyone check back through the day for our
team news!

Posted at 9:07am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Sabina24 says

i don't have much of anything besides laundry on the list. i haven't crafted a piece of jewelry in two weeks -- been doing a lot of crocheting now that the weather is colder. darling daughter just left with her dad -- and most of my friends r either married and occupied or otherwise engaged, so laundry, crocheting, counting characters in manuscripts, and maybe designing a new piece or two of jewelry is what's on the agenda for this weekend. oh -- and setting the clocks back tonight will be a job in itself since there 8 of them that i can think of right now that will need to have that done... and dishes. wow -- ok so forget the not much of anything ... lol blessings to u all.

Posted at 9:07am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Morning Knitz!

Posted at 9:07am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Morning Nebo and Sabina!

I forgot about changing the clocks!

Posted at 9:12am Nov 1, 2008 EDT