Etsy Angels Team - November Chat and Promo Thread

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The Etsy Angels are a Self-Representing Team of Artisans that create a variety of unique handmade items including Artisan Jewelry, Lampwork Glass and Polymer Clay Beads, Bath and Body Products, Quilts, Knits and Plush, and Paper Products to name a few.


Our Team was formed after the many hours spent together promoting for Dawn’s Boys; an effort that began in late December 2007 after a Jewelry artist who was on both Etsy and Ebay lost her life in an automobile accident. She left behind two little boys. Several "Angels" came together to help. After spending countless hours promoting donations from more people than we could imagine that wanted to help, many friendships were made. We couldn’t imagine it all ending without creating a Team for Dawn’s Angels. ♥


You can view our complete profile by going to the following link:

You can also visit our Blog for more information about the Team and what we've been up to! Please be patient as this is a work in progress :)

*Search EANGTEAM to see all of our creations!!*

Thanks for visiting!
Wildlifer78 & SewingGranny

Posted at 10:44am Nov 1, 2008 EDT


Etsy Angel Member List and Links to our Shops:

Wildlifer78 (Chloe Boutique) -

CBLandCompany -

BeadznStonezSupplies - (CBL's second shop)

ArrivingAngels -

AuntPsBoutique - (Arriving's second shop)

CraftsByChris -

BCArtwerks - (CraftsbyChris' second shop)

SewingGranny -

TigerLilyStudio -

PaperLanternPatterns - (Tiger's second shop)


MerkabaBeads - (Merkaba's second shop)

SilkCreekGallery -

Maranda -


SatinPetalSoap - (SilverCrystal's second shop)


MountainEagleCrafter -

CindyJoy -


Createdfromscrap - (Scrapbook's second shop)

Ozarknana -

TheBumbleBeeStudio -

Tiff707 -

MamaJody -

SewHappyDesigns -

ShopRedLeaf -

Posted at 10:51am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Good morning!
The quilt contest has offically ended and good luck to all that entered when the name is drawn on Tuesday!
Thank you to all who participated. I can't wait to find out who is going to get the quilt ♥

Could someone convo me the info on how to pay for the pinks? I don't have a clue what I'm doing!!!!

Posted at 11:27am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Ozarknana says

Ok, got lost over on the old thread....but...

I GOT MY VERY FIRST TREASURY EVER!! Does this mean I'm no longer "a treasury virgin".!! LOL

Ozark :)

Posted at 11:46am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

BeadedTail says

Good morning! I sort of slept in today!

Ozark, your first treasury is beautiful! Thank you for including me!

I need to go figure out the winner of my last blog contest so I'll be back later.

Posted at 12:30pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

BeadedTail says

~~~~Etsy Angels Treasuries~~~~~

Ozarknana's Angels and Grandmas!...Tuesday 6:35am


BeadedTail is in this EstyBloggers treasury..Monday 4:18am

BeadedTail is in this Puss'N Blue treasury..Monday 8:11am


Please check out all our lovely treasuries. Make them stand out in the treasury list by viewing each one, clicking on each item, and leaving a nice comment

Posted at 12:34pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Good morning everyone:)

Ozark I left a comment on your treasury, and clicked away! Nice job, I've never made one before myself, so I'm still a treasury virgin!

Posted at 12:35pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

raisinlike says

Hey, I am not on the list :o(

Posted at 12:35pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT


I'm at work but wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy November 1st.

Off to check out your treasury, Ozark.

Chris, once you make a'll be hooked. They are so fun.

Arriving, how are you doing? I know Tuesday is a big day. We are here for you, sweetie. Love ya.

Raisin, how are you? Not sure why you're not on the list. Weird.

Posted at 1:11pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Hi, BeadedTail.

Ooops, I still need to choose a winner for mine! BRB!

Posted at 1:13pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT