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Original Post

Welcome! The California Crafters Club of Etsy (CCCOE) is proud to present the entries in their September challenge. This month’s theme was Giving Thanks.

1. Post your vote here between Nov. 1 and Nov. 8.
2. Chat as you wish but vote only once!

Follow this link to see our entries (please look at all pages) then come back here and post the name of the shop that gets your vote:
or they're all listed below.

1. Remembrance Bookmark by SmallShinyObjects ...

2. Cornucopia and dragonfly hair pins by AlliesAdornments ...

3. Wedgewood Style Cross Stitched Thank You Cards, Pack of 3 ... by prettycheap

4. Remembering My Heritage Necklace by LTheval

5. Give Thanks by RedBessBonney

6. Giving Thanks by ElenaMary

7. "FAMILY" Wooden Letters for FALL! by eandhdesigns

8. The Maya Lin Permanent Peace Crane Origami Ornament by Localcolorist

9. I submit this item...meet Vivianna! Tealchic

10.Cranberry Evening Bracelet by Nansglam

11. Bountiful by QuirkynBerkeley

12. Baby's 1st Thanksgiving cross stitch bib by StitchinMommy

13. Harvest Leaf Necklace and Earrings by Yolandasclay

14. Neapolitan Short but Sweet Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) - Brown TUTU by 2QT

15. Gaia by Arttoweardiva

16. Silver Leaf Pendant and Earring Set by TZStudio

17. Hand Embroidered Wall Art by Peggradyart

18. Thank you Angel by designsbymariejulie

19. Rose bobble neckwarmer by AGmode

20. Cupcakegram-Thank you by CatheavenCrafts

21. Double Embossed Thanksgiving Place Cards (set of 12) by KisforCalligraphy

22. Veteran's Honor Ring by luchi

23. Giving Thanks Autumn Silk Scarf by oceanavesilks

24. Silk Leaf Applique Tablerunner by AnnieKDesigns

25. Sand and Surf Fingerless Gloves by shellmitchell

Every non-CCCOE shop that votes will automatically earn a treasury spot and instantly becomes eligible to take advantage of the sales listed for the shops below. To take advantage of the discount just let the seller know that you voted here!

2dy4.etsy.com 10%
abyssalgems.etsy.com 10%
alliesadornments.etsy.com 20%
AmandaKLockrowJewels.etsy.com 20%
annieKdesigns.etsy.com 20%
ArtToWearDiva.etsy.com 10%
BarbeSaintJohn.etsy.com 10%
Blackbird72.etsy.com 10%
BoutiqueCandle.etsy.com 10%
buttercupbloom.etsy.com 10%
Calyxann.etsy.com 10%
cascadadesigns.etsy.com 10%
CatHeavenCrafts.etsy.com 10%
cigarboxbeads.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
codyscloset.etsy.com 20%
combustionglassworks.etsy.com 10%
cserpent.etsy.com 10%
designsbymariejulie.etsy.com 10%
DesignsbyTami.etsy.com 10%
eissa.etsy.com 15%
Elenamary.etsy.com 10%
evelynx.etsy.com 15%
exdesigns.etsy.com 15%
FlakyFriends.etsy.com 15%
gedesigns.etsy.com 10%
glastontotes.etsy.com 10%
handcranked.etsy.com 20%
HeArtCollective.etsy.com 10%
heartfulart.etsy.com 10%
itsthebag.etsy.com/ 15%
Janesdesigns.etsy.com 10%
jewlz076.etsy.com 10%
JMCdesigns.etsy.com 10%
katilady.etsy.com 10%
KECookies.etsy.com 10%
KimzVisionz.etsy.com 10%
knitopia.etsy.com 10%
Knittergirl.etsy.com 10%
laurali.etsy.com 10%
laurenbacchus.etsy.com 10%
LaveMeSoapCo.etsy.com 10%
LiSoCards.etsy.com 10%
littlestory.etsy.com 20%
localcolorist.etsy.com 10%
loridelisle.etsy.com 10%
Luchi.etsy.com 10%
LuckyFindDesigns.Etsy.com 10%
LuckyZelda.etsy.com 10%
madebyjackie.etsy.com 10%
Mishfashion.etsy.com 10%
Mommyandmeboutique.etsy.com 10%
mscraftypants.etsy.com 10%
Mycatlulu.etsy.com 10%
MyFriendRoze.etsy.com 10%
needleworks.etsy.com 10%
oceanavesilks.etsy.com 10%
oceankisses.etsy.com 10%
oceanvintage.etsy.com 10%
Ohmay.etsy.com 10%
palleikodesigns.etsy.com 10%
PassionIt.etsy.com 10%
peggradyart.etsy.com 10%
photopia.etsy.com 10%
Phydeaux.etsy.com 10%
poppycat.etsy.com 10%
prairieprimitives.etsy.com 20%
prettycheap.etsy.com 25%
queenofalltrades.etsy.com 10%
quirkynberkeley.etsy.com 10%
raghousenternational.etsy.com 20% off all items over $10
redbessbonney.etsy.com 20%
sandysimone.etsy.com 10%
senoritasoto.etsy.com 10%
sheilasatin.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
Shellmitchell.etsy.com 10%
ShiningLightJewelry.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
shopwhimsy.etsy.com 10%
slurkgirl.etsy.com 10%
SmallShinyObjects.etsy.com 10%
suchandsort.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
theskinyourein.etsy.com 10%
tresijas.etsy.com 10%
treslocas.etsy.com 10%
tztudio.etsy.com 10%
visionquest.etsy.com 20%
weebeaks.etsy.com 10%
wrenphoto.etsy.com 10%
Yolandasclay.etsy.com 20%

Posted at 11:46am Nov 1, 2008 EDT


It's going to be really hard to decide!

Posted at 11:48am Nov 1, 2008 EDT

wow - tough choice this month. I need to give it some thought.

Posted at 12:21pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Tresijas says

Awesomeness! I will be BACH!!

Posted at 1:08pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

veterans honor...#22

Posted at 1:15pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Please add AGMode to your list of shops offering a 10% discount during the voting. She was inadvertantly left off the list.


Posted at 1:44pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

We also have these changes to the list of shops offering a discount:
redbessbonney.etsy.com 10%
TealChic.etsy.com 10%
LTheval.etsy.com 10%
www.exdesigns.etsy.com 15%
www.evelynx.etsy.com 15%
madebyjackie.etsy.com 10%

Posted at 1:48pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT


my bad, i was LATE!!! so sorry teamsters..

Posted at 1:49pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

BeadedTail says

Tough choices this month! Your group is so, so talented!

I just love the Silver Leaf Pendant and Earring Set by TZStudio

Posted at 1:50pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT