People that are in need. Post your site! And maybe fellow etsians will help

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Original Post

I am, as well as alot of people in this day and age, are experiencing financial stress. So lets try and help them out and make a small or large purchase from there store(s).

I am having trouble paying the rest of my rent, and when i do i will have no extra monies for food... let alone other bills. I am working a full time job and in search of another part timer.... as well as selling on etsy. And still stressed out! If you could purchase anything from my shop, and/or the shops listed, i as well as everyone that gets a sale from this thread will forever be thankful. I will try and purchase something from someone, for i have about $4 in my paypal account....not much but its a start to helping someone else out.
So, to try and get extra sales im having great deals on my entire inventory. which includes my 15% off fall sale. My Buy 1 and get the second item 30% off.

For the next buyer in my shop (20th buyer) will receieve 30% off any item they choose to buy.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!

So, people in need, post your shop, sales, and everything else.

Posted at 1:41pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT


(This sale does not work with any other sale)
The 20th buyer in my shop will receive 30% off any item they choose! Convo me what item you would like and i will reduce the price 30%! ONLY for the 20th buyer!

New listings:

White Shock
Arent you Orange?
Aqua Eruption
Stairs of Creation

Posted at 1:44pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Im saving up for a sewing machine. It would be a christmas gift to myself. Im studying fashion design and its not cheap. The fabrics alone are draining my wallet.

Please help me make my first sale. Thanks so much in advance!

Posted at 1:45pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Best of luck to you Shopgirl! Im sure your first sale will come soon!

Posted at 1:46pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

I am in need too - so sick of eating cheap bread and pasta and nothing else. Bah.

I just reduced all my prices:

Good luck SkinzNhydez :)

Posted at 1:46pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Thanks for the support SkinzNhydez. Good luck to you too!

Posted at 1:48pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

beautiful colors Rainbow! I love the bracelet!

Posted at 1:48pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Thank you :)

Posted at 1:49pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Anyone else in need?

Posted at 1:55pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT

Lets try and keep this one going please!

Posted at 2:00pm Nov 1, 2008 EDT