Can you use your business resources to help those in need???

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Original Post

maisyh says

There are so many Etsians in serious financial difficulty - all year - but most especially now, in what should be a happy, 'festive' season.

Think 'six degrees of separation' and let's all pull together to use the business resources we have to help others, as well as ourselves.

I have a plan - it's on my blog: - and my other blog: - and my Etsy Street Team's blog:

Read the plan, use it, copy it, come up with something new but whatever you do to help, please come back and post here to share with us.

We Etsians are our own biggest resource!!! Let's pull together and do something for each other! And yes, do it for the feel good factor too; that's your reward for now.

Thank you, and best wishes for your own health, happiness, and prosperity -
Maisy :)

Posted at 6:38am Nov 2, 2008 EST


maisyh says

Can you help?

Posted at 7:03am Nov 2, 2008 EST

maisyh says

Do you have a blog?

Posted at 7:08am Nov 2, 2008 EST

exellent just what i was looking for I want all my purchases to be done in this fashion .I have already gotten some lovely things to help the others out and happy to do it
This is probably the first year in my adult life that I am able to do something like this :) thankyou maisyh

Posted at 7:10am Nov 2, 2008 EST

maisyh says

Ooh, WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much :) Please spread the word if you have a blog, or to your Etsy buddies. You made my day already x

Posted at 7:19am Nov 2, 2008 EST

maisyh says

Does anyone have free project wonderful ads that sellers in need can bid on for a little extra exposure?

Posted at 7:21am Nov 2, 2008 EST

maisyh says

If your PW ad-boxes have paid spaces, would you consider making them free till the New Year, so sellers in need can bid for them?

Posted at 7:25am Nov 2, 2008 EST

maisyh says

Do you know someone else who may have the resources to help?

Posted at 7:35am Nov 2, 2008 EST

maisyh says

Can you help?

Posted at 7:44am Nov 2, 2008 EST

This is a very good idea. I recently bought something from AWBAR and I'm working on some items they can sell to raise money to help the animals.

Posted at 7:47am Nov 2, 2008 EST