Free hand-printed tee — draw on Nov. 11th 2008

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Original Post

mchen says

Greetings fellow Etsy-heads!
Next Tuesday marks my two-month anniversary here on Etsy, and I’d like to hold a draw to celebrate. The winner will receive one shirt of their choice from my shop as a gift (I’ll cover shipping too, of course ;)

- take a look-see through the shirts in my shop — — and post a description or link on this thread telling me which shirt you would choose if you win
- each post = one ballot
- one entry per shop, please

- convo me with the title or first line from ANY THREE songs/nursery rhymes featured in my shirts, and you’ll get an extra THREE ballots towards the draw
- maximum three extra ballots per shop

DRAW: takes place on Tuesday, November 11th, at 10 p.m. EST, and I’ll announce the winner here, plus convo the winner directly.
NB: Winner’s choice of shirt is subject to availability at the time of the draw.

Thanks so much for your interest, and also for being part of a community that’s so supportive and encouraging to newbies like me :)
Good luck!

Posted at 8:19am Nov 4, 2008 EST


I like this one, because greay is one of my favourite colors:
and i like music!

Posted at 8:22am Nov 4, 2008 EST

Kelly Schwark avatar
KellySchwark says

Wow! It's really tough to pick... BUT I've decided that if I were lucky enough to win, I'd pick this one:

Posted at 8:24am Nov 4, 2008 EST

fiveforty says

hi mchen, I love your tees!

this is my favourite...

Posted at 8:27am Nov 4, 2008 EST

Kelly Schwark avatar
KellySchwark says

I might need to change my pick to this one... Hubby always says it to our little one when we finally get home from a long drive. I also just sent you a convo for some extra ballots! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed until next week!

Posted at 8:28am Nov 4, 2008 EST

mchen says

Thanks guys — and yup, Kelly, got your convo :)

Posted at 8:33am Nov 4, 2008 EST

HARD to pick. But I can't resist a hoodie:

Or rhinos :) Even though I don't know what gunnelling means LOL

Posted at 8:38am Nov 4, 2008 EST

mchen says

Wow, iheart — I just learned LOTS about gunnelling... I looked it up and found a bunch of different definitions. The way I know it to be used is when two people stand on the end edges of a canoe and rock it until someone falls into the water (like the rhinos are ;)

Any other entries?

Posted at 8:49am Nov 4, 2008 EST