How do I size my photo so the whole picture is in thumbnail

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Original Post

When ever I upload my pictures it cuts off half of my picture so that when you view it in the search engine you only see part of it in the thumbnail. I have seen sellers, especially clothing sellers have their entire image in the thumbnail. How do I do this? What are the measurements that I need to re size it to?

Help. My pretty dresses don't look so pretty when you can only see the middle of them :(



Posted at 12:42pm Nov 5, 2008 EST


VERY similar issue going on. Read this thread.

Posted at 12:44pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

Hi Fab, you'll need to crop your photos to a square (anywhere from 430x430 to 1000x1000 pixels) if you don't want any cropping in the thumbnail.

Posted at 12:44pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

AlloverArt says

If you need a photo editing program, you can download for free. It's what I us for cropping and resizing.

Posted at 1:26pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

AlloverArt says

Wow, use, not us.

Posted at 1:35pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

goodlookin says

There is a double trick there. Yes, you need to make it square if you don't want anything cut off, but then it is best to leave room for when the item is seen in gallery format ( as apposed to list). I always try to make sure there is about a fifth of the photo on top that can be lost for this reason. Hope that helps!

Posted at 1:40pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

dbabcock says

If you use Photoshop and set the crop size to 3.3" x 3.3" that'll give you the right size for etsy...about 990 pixels square.

Posted at 1:44pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

sandrapenn says

I still struggle with the pictures.

Posted at 1:45pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

Thumbnails have to be square. 1000 pixels X 1000 pixels to avoid fuzzyness. If you dont have a photo editing program download Picasa from google. You can easily crop your photos and it will tell you how many pixels wide and tall it is after you crop, so you can judge if it is square. I crop mine with a little room to spare so it still looks good when at the full size in my shop

Posted at 1:46pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

hmmm. I am uploading the pictures and when I upload them they are still getting cut off in the thumb nail box. I use picasa and what do i do

Posted at 7:36pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

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