Santa's Little Helpers are looking for gifts

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Original Post

shelialk says

yes its that time of year again. Come on in and show Santa's little Helpers what you have that is great for gift giving. Show em your shops and lovely items. Everyone is welcome to come on in and share. Stop a minute and chat, have a good time.

This is my shop, I have great deals in my summer section and lots of pretty holiday items. Take your time and look around and we will check out your items and shops. My pictures may not be the best but each item is created with love

Posted at 3:53pm Nov 5, 2008 EST


raisinlike says

I like this Sheli :o)

I have lots of holiday ornaments

♥ Angelica Flutterbutt
♥ Santa Flutterbutt
♥ Twinkle Flutterbutt

♥ Green Flutterhead ornament
♥ Yellow Flutterhead ornament

And cards

♥ Merry Christmas card
♥ Santa and his little helper card
♥ The Merry Christmas Bunch

Posted at 3:55pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

shelialk says

thanks raisin
twinkle flutterbutt is so cute

Posted at 3:56pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

shelialk says

come on in and show those great gift ideas

Posted at 4:00pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

raisinlike says


Posted at 4:02pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

LittleSun says

hello proming my new xmas card
* warning its sassy

Posted at 4:04pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

shelialk says

hahaha thats great LittleSun

Posted at 4:05pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

AoDesigns says

Christmas sale this week only:

Posted at 4:09pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

shelialk says

come on in and show us your shops

Posted at 4:09pm Nov 5, 2008 EST

Just listed:

makes a great gift for hubby or that special guy. . .

free bath fizzies with every purchase!

Posted at 4:10pm Nov 5, 2008 EST