INTERESTING great article about ETSY shops

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Original Post

Artistico says

The article said :
Etsy's development team are working hard to bring out new features for the site, but there's only so much they can do. They're going to focus on features that bring the most benefit to the most users. These scripts are provided as examples of things that can be done without needing Etsy to change anything, but which (hopefully) make the user experience better and more efficient. Less time spent administering your Etsy business, more time spent making things.

and i think for everyone shall be very uselful
thanks very much

Keep this post alive post your feedback for more exposure for this great help to any seller here

Posted at 8:27am Nov 6, 2008 EST


Artistico says

sorry i forget the link :(

Posted at 8:28am Nov 6, 2008 EST

Artistico, what is the source of this article?

Posted at 8:29am Nov 6, 2008 EST

You beat me to it!

Posted at 8:29am Nov 6, 2008 EST

weberphoto says

I am not really sure what they're saying is goign to be done?

Posted at 8:30am Nov 6, 2008 EST

Artistico says

i done and work for me is great help for me more quicly

Posted at 8:33am Nov 6, 2008 EST

spidercamp says

That site is providing free ways you can "tweak" etsy. It's not actually hacking, so please (everybody) don't get all freaked out about security issues. It looks to be about the same type of thing as installing a spellcheck in your browser. It's just offering slightly different ways of viewing / using etsy, to make it more user-friendly, from a seller's perspective.

Posted at 8:37am Nov 6, 2008 EST


Posted at 8:39am Nov 6, 2008 EST

Artistico says

spidercamp correct i told before...this script is a help more friedly for sellers

Posted at 8:39am Nov 6, 2008 EST