Alternative Website for Moo-esque Mini Cards

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Original Post

A few weeks (months?) ago someone posted a link to a relatively new website that was offering Mini cards that are similar to the ones Moo produces. I think the company was based in the USA. At that time, they were offering a promotion with additional free cards with an order. I've looked all through the forums but can't seem to find that thread. Any ideas?


Posted at 12:49pm Nov 6, 2008 EST


Any ideas on what this website was? I'm hoping to place an order today and don't want to wait for shipping from London if I can avoid it.

CaramelJubilee (formerly earcmra)

Posted at 12:53pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

kari1121 says


I'm looking at it right now to see what they look like uploaded.

Posted at 4:37pm Nov 20, 2008 EST

kari1121 says

Ordered and received my cards since my last post. They are great, really quick shipping and great quality. Each set of 25 came in it's own little box, perfect for carrying in my purse so they don't get smushed!
I'll post a photo link tomorrow.

Posted at 5:32pm Nov 24, 2008 EST

kari1121 says

Here's a sampling of my cards, 100 in all and 10 different photos of my stuff!


Posted at 5:30pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

Mwilson says

I'd ordered from moo once the package came to me ruined. They were very kind in replacing my cards. But, it seemed like it took a very long time. And, with funds so very tight I think I'll investigate this other site. Perhaps I'll see better bang for my buck!

Posted at 9:11am Apr 18, 2009 EDT

Thanks for this. I forgot the site too. I loooooove my moo cards, but they take so long to ship.

Posted at 9:14am Apr 18, 2009 EDT

obtp says

Thanks for this link!

Posted at 9:18am Apr 18, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the info!

I think there's something up with their photo upload program, though. I just tried to design my cards and if I changed my mind on a photo, it would still show up even after I deleted it. Happened a few times.. maybe their server is having issues today.

Still, I'll probably try again later because this would be a nice alternative to the mini moo cards, which I think are fantastic.

Posted at 10:56am Apr 18, 2009 EDT

Yes, thank you for this--I need to reorder and was dreading the wait for ship time.

Posted at 10:59am Apr 18, 2009 EDT