Squeezing Your Advertising Dollars

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Original Post

In this struggling economy you need to squeeze every drop out of your advertising dollar. In this article I cover three forms of advertising :Project Wonderful (PW), high traffic blog/site ads, and Google Adwords. The largest portion of the article is dedicated to Project Wonderful.

Here is the link to the article>>> tr.im/v1w

What you will find in the article:

>HOW TO VIDEO on running a Killer Campaign on Project Wonderful.

>Question and Answer session with Etsians about PW

> A great tool for building Moving ads (GIF)

> A list of high traffic blogs/sites to adverticse on

> My exhaustive list of Google Adwords articles

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

I would love to hear what you are doing to squeeze your dollars.



Posted at 1:55pm Nov 6, 2008 EST


Hey TAD. I tried PW and I didn't like the results. Has it improved in the past 6-7 months?

Posted at 1:57pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

PAMELAJ76 says

Good article, thanks Timothy!

Posted at 1:57pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

Littleput.... PW is my number 1 for advertising.. Running campaigns is the key...

Posted at 1:58pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

marking for reading after work.

Posted at 1:59pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

Marking to read later, thanks TAD!!

Posted at 2:00pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

Thank you for posting this! I'll check it out.

Posted at 2:00pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

snappyshop says

marking this. Thanks Timothy

Posted at 2:02pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

how are you squeezing your ad dollars?

Posted at 2:45pm Nov 6, 2008 EST

sweetbeets says

Trying Project Wonderful is on my to-do list. Great article! I'm sure it will be very helpful when I get into setting up my campaign. Thanks.

Posted at 2:54pm Nov 6, 2008 EST