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Original Post

(((♥))) Come on in! (((♥)))

We're a fun bunch who love to share stories, treasuries, new items, big laughs and LOADS of hugs.

Whether you're in search of support, acceptance, a friend or just a big hug -
please feel free to stop in any time.

This is what we're here for.

We've been chatting since March 2008, so we're pretty good at it now.

*** PLEASE, NO spam or drop-&-go promos! ***

Posted at 2:52pm Nov 7, 2008 EST


jessijewels says:
alright... i still need these birthdays... willingly hand them over or i'll have to get rough. hehehe

ps) you might have posted them once but i'm so tired of searching thru tons of pages. :) thanks

* vsilcox's VICKIE
* MK
* JULIA (tinker)
* LORA #2

Posted at 2:54pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

That looks great.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh first one here!!!
Hello Linda, and hugsssssssss

Posted at 2:54pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

Jessi, whatever is kidney wire?
These look fabulous but from the hole in my ear I'm looking for 2" dangle, I think. Can you add chainy stuff and make these longer?

Sarah, I don't know what red sea bamboo is, but what I'd like is dramatic red, like the red of the beaded glass
and then long, rather like the lemon drops but another cm longer?

There, one each :)
I plan to buy BOTH to stop the fighting, haha.

Posted at 2:55pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

Lynn, that was QUICK.
Hugs to you.
I thought I'd transfer a few of Jessi's posts as she wanted information.

Posted at 2:56pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

It might be fun to get to know each other a little better.
Leave blank anything you don't want to answer, it's just for fun...

Friends Survey

First & Middle Name:
Age? 12-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 50+
Hair color?
Eye color?
Nationality (background)?
Have kids?
Have animals?
State/Country you live in?
Favorite TV shows?
Favorite types of music?
Farthest you've been from home?
Favorite colors?
3 Words used to describe yourself:

Posted at 2:57pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

Always there to support you, as you do for me.

Posted at 2:57pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

CelticKnot says


My interview this morning went GREAT! The interviewer really liked me and my answers. I will find out on Wednesday if I'm accepted to the program or not. I won't know about graduate school acceptance until Christmas, but I doubt that I would be accepted to the program and not the school. I'm super excited! :-D

By the way, they only accept ten people. !!!!

Posted at 3:02pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

CelticKnot says

Linda, way to support fellow huggers! :-D
Those are both great choices.

Posted at 3:06pm Nov 7, 2008 EST

Kristine, so you should be excited, fingers, legs and arms crossed for you.

Posted at 3:18pm Nov 7, 2008 EST