Fabric that won't fray (too badly at least)

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Original Post

I'm looking for a fabric that will not fray or fray very little. I'm not that into felt though. I'm putting together something that won't be worn or anything so wear and tear will be minimal. I was checking out the artificial flowers and wondered what fabric they use, although I know they probably laser cut the petals. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Posted at 10:12pm Nov 9, 2008 EST


What are you making? Fleece does not fray.

Posted at 10:15pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

editions says

I'm not a sewer, but I know fleece doesn't fray. I've made knotted blankets and pillows with fleece, and it never frays.

Posted at 10:16pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

If you pink cotton, mostly, it does not fray (as long as it's not washed a lot.)

Posted at 10:16pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

I think first we need to know what you are making.
There is a product that is avaiable in the sewing notions called fray-check. That will seal seams to prevent fraying.

Microsuede does not fray.

Fake flowers - you can seal edges with fraycheck.

Will the seams be exposed?

Posted at 10:17pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

If you singe the edge of polyester/nylon/acrylic it won't fray.
Alova suede also does not fray.
You can also use a product called Fray Stop on your fabric.

Posted at 10:18pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

roundabout says

I use fleece and felt for my hats and they don't fray. You can always pull the threads from the ends of your fabric (like linen or cotton) which creates a fringe.

Posted at 10:19pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

Do you use fray check?

Posted at 10:22pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

Fray Check has a warning on the bottle. Sewing is my life (after family & when I'm not on the computer) & I have been "green" since the '70's. I won't use it but that's just me.

Posted at 10:22pm Nov 9, 2008 EST

I'm making holly garlands using a paper punch (Sizzix paddle punch) which cuts fabric in shapes. The only problem is cotton frays even as I put it together. Plus, I don't want to fray check all the tiny cutouts. That would take forever. I've also found that fray check will leave a whitish residue border when I've used only half the bottle. I imagine it's thickening. I found some acetate taffeta that does well but it's vintage and the wrong color.

Posted at 10:23pm Nov 9, 2008 EST