Selling vintage on Etsy vs Ebay vs Amazon

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Original Post

CuteOnTop says

where is the most appreciation for these items? do the crafters on Etsy look for vintage pieces? like fabrics? books? supplies? or does everyone look where they can get the best deal? I'm just curious =o)

Posted at 6:07pm Nov 12, 2008 EST


Both. I sold on _bay for years as a powerseller. But, Etsy is so much better. I'd never go back.

Posted at 6:11pm Nov 12, 2008 EST

My vintage items - especially supplies - far outnumber the sale of my handmade items.
I've noticed ALOT of people particularly drawn to SUPPLIES on Etsy since I feel it's filled with way more sellers than buyers still...

Posted at 6:12pm Nov 12, 2008 EST

I Have sold On feebay for years....Etsy is a much more pleasant venue for any type of sales !!!!

Viva La Vintage !!!

Posted at 6:14pm Nov 12, 2008 EST

CuteOnTop says

I agree, Etsy is a much better place to sell =o)

Posted at 6:15pm Nov 12, 2008 EST

CarriersCozyCottage...I think you have one of the most beautiful avatars on Etsy! :)

Posted at 6:16pm Nov 12, 2008 EST

Solanah says

I love selling on Etsy, you can set your own prices, rather than bidding, and you are among a more professional group of sellers.

Posted at 6:16pm Nov 12, 2008 EST

I've never sold on "the other" sites, but haven't been tempted to either. I think Etsy is a great environment to both buy and sell. Another unique thing about Etsy is the great support you'll get from others in the Forums. You won't find that in many places...

Posted at 2:51pm Nov 14, 2008 EST

I sell on both, but MUCH prefer Etsy. However, when sales are slow, income still must be generated, so I resort back to eBay.

I am also really excited about the upcoming Grand Opening of Lollishops and have high hopes for my shop there.

Posted at 2:59pm Nov 14, 2008 EST

I sell vintage destash on my other shop and much prefer etsy to ebay.

Posted at 3:00pm Nov 14, 2008 EST