How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?

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julimarx says

oh, and I hated taking those pictures because it was so silly to pretend I didn't notice there were a million different Santas in different store.

Posted at 2:38pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

i do santa for the same reason i tell my children the goldfish went to heaven as opposed to explaining decomposition. or the true horrors that took place on thanksgiving-fantasies and tradition are a healthy part of childhood (and adulthood i've heard)

Posted at 2:39pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

julimarx says

My mom used to put gifts for herself under the tree and pretend they were from Santa...too funny watching her pretend. I guess I shouldn't laugh though because she tried so hard.

Posted at 2:39pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

Aprilis says

I don't know, pretty young. When I was five I stormed out of school assembly refusing to sing hymms. When the teacher told me to sit down I refused saying I didn't want to sing christian songs because I wasn't a christian. When she looked shocked I replied

"If I don't believe in santa I'm not going to believe in god, am I"

I was a little brat.

Posted at 2:41pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

Fantasy is one thing; lying is another.

Posted at 2:41pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

BrightCircle says:
Fantasy is one thing; lying is another.

I'll agree to disagree.

Posted at 2:44pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

myhools says

I never believed in Santa...

Posted at 2:44pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

jewelstreet says:
I don't know. I guess I kind of always knew, but part of me, even today, still wants to believe in Santa. Even if he isn't a single person. It's the thought, the idea, the whole thing Santa stands for that I want/need to believe in.

this made me smile-agreed.

Posted at 2:45pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

julimarx says

I see where you're coming from PrettyinPeace. I admit that when I have children my view about this whole thing may change.

Posted at 2:46pm Nov 16, 2008 EST

seb8351 says

I'm Jewish. Never believed in Santa. But I tried not to ruin it for my friends :)

Posted at 2:48pm Nov 16, 2008 EST