Getting your items into Google's "Shopping" results

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Original Post

GoTo says

Have you seen the "shopping" link at the top of the Google search page?

Have you noticed the "Shopping results for XXXX" at the top of the Google search results?

To have your items show up in those specialized results you need to upload your items to Google's free advertising program--the feature is called "Google Base".

There's a great website, Let's Ets, which enables you to upload your Etsy items free and easy.

There have been tons of threads on getting your items into Google Base, and after many sellers needed more detailed instructions on using Let's Ets to get their items into Google Base, I put together a tutorial on our blog to walk you through it:

Let’s Ets and Google Base

There's also some basic info about Google Base, some what-to-expect info and trouble shooting info in the blog post.

It only takes 10 minutes--so don't just bookmark this thread--try it now!

Posted at 12:41am Nov 17, 2008 EST


LoveLaurie says

I would try it now but I am very tired as it is 12:45am here. Thanks for the info, but I must bookmark.

Posted at 12:44am Nov 17, 2008 EST

arnym says

Great, thank you so much! I will try it right now!


Posted at 12:47am Nov 17, 2008 EST

arnym says

I am almost done! Thank you so much, I hope to have some sales ;)

Posted at 1:01am Nov 17, 2008 EST

GoTo says

I understand LoveLaurie--we're in the same time zone.

Way to go arnym! I hope it brings you sales!

Posted at 1:24am Nov 17, 2008 EST

ooh! Gotta try, but alas it's 1:30AM XD

Posted at 1:30am Nov 17, 2008 EST

toybreaker says

Sadly, let's ets returns this right now:

Error: Server Error

Posted at 1:48am Nov 17, 2008 EST

flowerboy says

Just put all my stuff on here... hopefully it works out! Very exciting indeed. Thanks for the extremely helpful and straightforward tutorial!

Posted at 1:50am Nov 17, 2008 EST

toybreaker says

I really hope it is fixed soon, I know I haven't updated in well over 31 days, I didn't realize they expired.

Posted at 1:54am Nov 17, 2008 EST

Thanks GOTO!

Posted at 1:56am Nov 17, 2008 EST