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PussDaddy says

Go to the site and read stats, briaberger. and FAQ's.

Posted at 10:41pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

PussDaddy says

Also, someone was told this:

"the stats about being featured 60 times is faulty because it counts once if you are on page one of a guide, then if you get bumped to page two it counts it again..and on and on...so it's not entirely accurate."

How accurate does that sound to you?

Posted at 10:46pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

I guess I don't understand the hating...I've always assumed the featured shops stand out in one way or another. Whenever I've visited a featured shop, they've inspired me on what I want to be when I "grow up" (on Etsy, that is).

I never feel like "why them and not me???" It's a shame we can't be happy about someone else's accomplishments (because it in no way diminishes mine). sigh...

Posted at 10:48pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

briaberger says

What a pointless website. And it's fueling this nonsense...

Posted at 10:49pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

yuck.. no thanks....

Posted at 10:49pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

Lemmings, so many lemmings... They'll believe everything put in front of them without question. It really makes me laugh even though it's so sad. And they say Etsy is flawed....

And Dennis, if there ever was a reason to ban anyone, it's those who have sent you hate mail. Etsy should ban them permanently, pronto.

Posted at 10:50pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

PussDaddy says

That was my take on it, too, DewOnAPetal. The lemming thing I mean, they talk about people just saying thank you on admin threads as being cupcakes, but that is what is happening here, IMHO.

Posted at 10:52pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

So sad! My stats SUCK!!! LOL

Posted at 10:52pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

Don't know if you're still following the thread or not, Dennis, but don't let this stuff get to you! :) I know that's easier said than done, but really in the scheme of things the forums won't kill your business - so many etsians don't even visit the forums, and of those who do, I'm sure most won't be swayed not to purchase based on a few remarks. Plus, if you keep your shop closed how can I buy that awesome mini strawberry soap???! :)

Posted at 11:00pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

Does anyone know if I have any legal rights with my name on a non- affialiated website to Etsy and its affecting my business in a negative or an intrusive way?

Posted at 11:00pm Nov 19, 2008 EST