Donations requested for Xmas Charity Drive

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Original Post

vidia2be says

Thank you for reading this first off.

Now My daughter who is only 6 has decided she wants to take toys for Xmas to our local hospital for kids who are stricken with Pediatric Cancer. She wants to do it alone but I told Her Id ask Santa to help and thats where Etsy comes in!

Hailey herself was born with pediatric brain cancer but thankfully has been in remission since 2006 and belives in PIF so she wants to make the holidays a lil brighter for the kids who need it most!

The children are boys and girls ranging in age from 2 years old to 11 years old and you will never see a more inspirational group of kids!

If anyone can help or would like to help me promote this please convo me or post here !

Posted at 1:11pm Nov 19, 2008 EST


vidia2be says

please dont bury this one too fast

Posted at 1:13pm Nov 19, 2008 EST




Posted at 1:14pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

vidia2be says

Maybe I should post this in etc lol

Posted at 1:14pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

vidia2be says

Thanks tessa

Posted at 1:14pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

arnym says

here is the bump, wish you the best, would love to help but I don't have anything for kids in my shop :(

Posted at 1:16pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

vidia2be says

ty arnym

Posted at 1:17pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

arnym says

yw ;)

Posted at 1:20pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

vidia2be says

So many wonderful kids shops on etsy :)

Posted at 1:26pm Nov 19, 2008 EST

No kiddy stuff in my shop either, but good luck with the drive!

Posted at 1:28pm Nov 19, 2008 EST