ETC Etsy Texas Design Challenge Absurdity Day Nov 20th Check Us Out!

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Original Post

pinuppixie says

Things not making sense today?? Feeling Odd and Unusual?? Then Your Celebrating Absurdity Day!!

Join us in this celebration by checking out or Design Challenge Entrants. The poles will open soon for voting today and will go on till the 24th of November.
There will be prizes for the top 3 entrants :)

Posted at 10:43am Nov 20, 2008 EST


pinuppixie says

Up again :)

Posted at 10:51am Nov 20, 2008 EST

Carapace says

So when do the polls open? I want to start advertising our latest challenge!:D

Posted at 11:31am Nov 20, 2008 EST

pinuppixie says

I sent Milly a message, She will be putting it up sometime today :)

Posted at 12:26pm Nov 20, 2008 EST

SweetWolf says

Hey y'all, this is a super challenge! I want to tell people at work about absurdity day. I think everyone should celebrate it! get absurd!

i'll be back later, can't slack off at new job!

Posted at 12:28pm Nov 20, 2008 EST

Carapace says

Sweetwolf, you got a new job? Awesome!

Posted at 12:33pm Nov 20, 2008 EST

itsmecheri says

SweetWolf, how is the new job going?

Posted at 12:52pm Nov 20, 2008 EST

pinuppixie says

Awesome sweetwolf!! I my self have *snuck in* to Etsy to check in :). If Milly does'nt post within an hour I'll see what I can do. I know she's under the weather, so she's probably where I would be *In Bed*.

Posted at 2:36pm Nov 20, 2008 EST

OK -- have been working on the blog post and poll for about an hour now (probably would have been faster without medication....), and the POLLS ARE NOW OPEN!

Please check out the wonderfully absurd entries on our blog at -- votes can be cast in the poll at the top of the right sidebar.

I am also going to post this on our ning site...just in case any issues with our blog arise again this month. Will post that link here as soon as I get it ready.

Thank you all for your patience!!!

Posted at 2:59pm Nov 20, 2008 EST

PS -- Cathie, I need you to send me your photos when you get a chance so I can upload to our blog (I can't seem to be able to download/upload them properly from flickr...).

Posted at 3:01pm Nov 20, 2008 EST