Ever Feel Invisible here?

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Original Post

Ever feel invisible here? I've been posting my brains out and have had some kind responses but I get buried under the landslide of posts and this gets lost. Heres the deal.
I am offering press, possible radio air exposure and getting your name out at a large benefit in exchange for an item in your shop. You help, you benefit. Let me explain.
My mother has passed away after losing her 2.5 year battle with ovarian cancer.
I am holding a silent auction to defray the medical costs of my mothers cancer treatment. She did not have good insurance when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. We are two years, 1 major surgery, 3 rounds of chemo, alternative therapy, 14 thorsentisis, oxygen and concentrator... You get the picture. She was a strong, brave and determined woman
My mom Donna gave her lives work to children, being a nurse and working with elderly people suffering dimensia. She loved the color purple, gardening and listening to others who needed an ear.
I am holding a silent auction at Amherst Christian Church in Amherst NH December 12th.
She was widely known and loved by many many people. I expect hundreds of people to come through this auction.
If you would like to support this cause you can donate and item for auction. Please convo me via my store or email me at mad_scrapper [!at] comcast.net.
You may send business cards along with your donation to be displayed and available at the auction. All help is appreciated. Thank you for your prayers and thoughtful consideration.

Posted at 9:06pm Nov 22, 2008 EST


mathaowny says

That's awesome what you're doing!

Posted at 9:07pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

I'm trying to create a win win situation, one had washes the other, my mom said that a lot. I've never asked someone to give me something without trying to give back. This is so hard for me to follow through on but I started this when my mom was still with us and I've got to see it through.

Posted at 9:10pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

mathaowny says

I would so give you an item for your auction, but my stuff isn't exactly "normal' heh. And the only thing that *might* be I'm thinking of pulling from the shop and keeping...I love it.

Posted at 9:14pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

Normal is never interesting is it? No worries Mathaowny. It that you in the picture? You are so beautiful. Plus, I don't feel invisible because you see me.

Posted at 9:17pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

AS time goes by I get that feeling again. Perhaps I should name the thread Hussies or Obamashmama or something like that.

Posted at 9:23pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

If you're interested, I would be happy to donate a print or two :)

I know what it's like to feel "invisible" - and it's no fun. Down with invisibility, I say!

Posted at 9:24pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

kyassib says

I just sent you a convo. =o)

Posted at 9:26pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

not sure yet if I can help you. I only have two items in my shop, so promotions don't mean much...

Posted at 9:27pm Nov 22, 2008 EST

Meekiyua says

That's a great thing you're doing. I would love to make some specially made mother and daughter ornaments for you to auction but I don't know... take a look at my shop if you want me to make some?

Posted at 9:30pm Nov 22, 2008 EST