Diamond Glaze

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Original Post

I purchased some diamond glaze and have made over a dozen test pendants and magnets in the past few weeks. My problem is that the glaze goes on fine (although I have to clean the tip of the tube every single time I use it or the glaze won't come out).

I lay the items flat to dry, and check them periodically throughout the drying process. The problem is that once they dry completely, the glaze ends up with at least one crack in it. I have no idea what is causing this, but it is driving me nuts and costing me lots of money in supplies.

When I received the glaze, I noticed there was a crack in the bottom of the lid (@ I inch long) and now am wondering if this could be contributing to the cracking by letting air into the tube or something.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be so grateful. I really wanted to be able to list all of these beach glass magnets, and pendants, but can't until I figure out what is wrong and re-make them all.


Posted at 9:12am Nov 23, 2008 EST


Does anyone have any suggestions on this????

Posted at 9:23am Nov 23, 2008 EST

I have no idea, just giving you a bump to the top so you can find out, hopefully.....that sounds like a major pain!! I'd be upset too. Good luck!!

Posted at 9:30am Nov 23, 2008 EST

Circleinthesand- Thank You SO MUCH for the bump. I have tried everything with this glaze, thinner coats, thicker coats, you name it. What drives me bonkers is that the glaze looks perfect until it gets completely dry. It is like once it dries, it suctions and then pulls the glaze so tight to the glass that it cracks it or something.

I ordered a new glaze that is a different brand to try, but it is not here yet. In the meantime, I have so many items I can't list. I hate to keep making them and wasting supplies before I know what is causing the cracking.

I did searches in the forums and through google and such last night, with no luck! So, I really appreciate the bump and hope someone can help shed some light as to what might be causing this!

Posted at 9:34am Nov 23, 2008 EST

Slainne says

While I haven't used that paint I have used a variety of water & oil based paints. If air is getting into the paint then it should only affect the area near the crack..unless you have the paint for a long time it shouldn't dry out. You should seal it with a bead of hot glue or tape it at least.
If your paint is cracking..maybe it dries to fast?
You can try thinning the paint with whatever base its made with(thinner or water) & doing a few coats with the thinned paint.

Posted at 9:35am Nov 23, 2008 EST

dmriceart says

Not too much experience here... but a little...

I had a crack look in one of mine ... and found that when I recoated... it did help some..

(I also found that Waterbase poly is also a great way to save money and get a similar look!!!) Not exactly the same as diamond... I am sure... but hey... I am all for experimenting...

(I also wondered if 'floor acrylic' ... might actually work??? hmmmmmmmm!!??? )

Posted at 9:38am Nov 23, 2008 EST

dmriceart says

I believe ... future? ... is the floor polish name... I just have to wonder... ! ? Anyone ???

Posted at 9:41am Nov 23, 2008 EST

Aspengold says

I use diamond glaze to make all of my pendants, but I have never gotten a crack in any pendants. I think the bottle you are using is defective. I sometimes get bubbles in the glaze, but I flick them out with a toothpick before the glaze dries.

Posted at 9:51am Nov 23, 2008 EST

I have used Diamond Glaze also and not had a problem with cracks. Maybe it is the batch you have. Also, are you sealing what you are glazing? Possibly there is some sort of expanding and contracting as the item dries that is causing the problem.

Posted at 9:58am Nov 23, 2008 EST

I use Judikins Diamond glaze for all of my pendants. They only time I had a crack was when I 'twisted' a pendant because it had stuck to the surface I was drying it on :-) When I was working it to get it off - the glaze cracked.

I've never had it dry with a crack in it.

Do you mean one long crack - or a spider-web type effect? I have had that a couple of times and don't know what causes it.

Posted at 9:59am Nov 23, 2008 EST