~~~~~> WIN a MYSTERY BOX w $1000 in JEWELRY... reply to enter!!!

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Original Post

Anyone who replies to this thread will get their name entered into a random drawing that will be held at 12 o'clock midnight (Arizona time) on Monday, December 1st for the item listed below


Winner can browse through my store and let me know what types of items they are interested in so I can put together the best gift box possible for them.

Just in time for gift giving season, it is the perfect solution for those who really appreciate one stop shopping!!!

Posted at 5:16pm Nov 23, 2008 EST


oh, i forgot to add, enter as often as you'd like and you get one chance per reply. so if you reply 10 times you have 10 chances to win, if you reply 100 times you have a 100 chances to win... I think you get it ;D

Posted at 5:18pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

yup! trying to get some exposure so dont be afraid to check out my store too!!!

Posted at 5:23pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

No one else wants in???? Lita, looks like it might be yours!!!!!!

Posted at 5:24pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

ya!!!!! YEAH FUN!!!!!

Posted at 5:26pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

I thought more people would be into winning free stuff... I got two... its a 50/50 race so far!!!!!

Posted at 5:26pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

ImJewelee says

Can I be in the drawing .....YAY i would LOVE to win!
♥ Julee
Already picking my items out.

Posted at 5:28pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

SilverLakeStudio & Lita's treasures, I have marked you each down for one point so far.... keep em comin! It works like this too but I think it'll be more fun if more people join in!!!

Posted at 5:29pm Nov 23, 2008 EST