I challenge anyone...

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Original Post

inkwear99 says

TO KILL THIS THREAD. If you are the last one to post for a full 24 hours you can win one of the following pairs of shoes in your size.
Also, there will be other random number goodies out there too. You will have to stay tuned for them.

So, Happy posting and Good Luck!!!

Posted at 9:48pm Nov 23, 2008 EST


ceejaybags says

i've been the queen of thread killers lately...even my own!

Posted at 9:50pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

wildmagic says


Check out Timberline Treasures for beautiful, nature-inspired home decor and accessories.

Mention "Kristen" in the Message to Buyer for FREE US SHIPPING and HALF OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Shipping will be refunded via Paypal.


Posted at 9:50pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

debs1967 says

I cut the cheese....

Posted at 9:50pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

Those shoes are awesome!

Posted at 9:51pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

inkwear99 says

Cute totes ceejay

Posted at 9:52pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

inkwear99 says

Not many players out there yet.

Posted at 10:00pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

I am hear to kill this thread! :-)

Posted at 10:07pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

The shoes are wonderful--doubt I'll kill this thread, though. :)

Posted at 10:11pm Nov 23, 2008 EST

debs1967 says

Who ever posts after me is the one who really cut the cheese

Posted at 10:12pm Nov 23, 2008 EST