quick template for jewelry line sheet?

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dibabeads says

I did mine in excel - doing "same size" cropping in photoshop ..

Posted at 10:45am Nov 25, 2008 EST

It would be great to have something like the etsy poster sketch where you could just insert your pics, they all just fit in the placeholders and be able to move them around at will and then save the finished result as a jpg or pdf even.

Posted at 10:47am Nov 25, 2008 EST

dibabeads says

CarolinaCottage says:
I use Indesign and Photoshop. I a graphic designer by day, so I have all the good stuff here. Thank god!
Any graphics program should work tho.

I need to learn more about indesign .. I have it but am not that familiar. I use photoshop and illustrator - any tips for indesign? It's used for brochure/magazine style layouts correct?

Posted at 10:51am Nov 25, 2008 EST

trilei says

The program Jewelry Designer Manager will print a catalog - www.jewelrydesignermanager.com. Of course, you have to have all your components and pieces entered first. (Which I never had the discipline to do!)

Posted at 10:58am Nov 25, 2008 EST

I used to do so in Microsof Excel. I just insert my JPEG files and resize them to fit the same sell size. Easy and simple. I don't have time to learn a new software so I'll try to apply to whatever I know already.

Posted at 11:21am Nov 25, 2008 EST

yes, I wish there was something like the poster sketch.

I would use images from my Etsy shop, it's just that most of my jewelry is not on Etsy due to the saturation of that category here...

redpanda, thanks for that link. It seemed like a lot of hassle. I know what I want to do but I don't have the computer knowledge to do it. arggg.

Posted at 11:48am Nov 25, 2008 EST

Crop your photos to square. Create your line sheet using the Table tools in Word or openoffice Writer (free program Unline Word)

When your table is ready, just use the Insert Picture tool in word or writer. The pic will be full size when it is inserted, but you then just drag the corners to resize to fit the table.

Posted at 1:02pm Nov 25, 2008 EST