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Original Post

scarfguy says

The Etsy staff has always provided a lot of support for new sellers. There is even a pounce to find new shops without sales. How about a little support for some of us oldtimers? Some of us have been loyal members since Etsy's inception. Etsy survived the formative years on our bucks. We've been through the difficult times with you (remember the launch of version 2).

How about a feature of long established shops this season?...

...or, at the very least, a way to sort shops chronologically so buyers can at least see which shops are well established.

Posted at 12:08pm Nov 25, 2008 EST


Krystyna81 says

There's a lot of gorups that want love...count me among the 2D artists who would like a gift guide for us! or a front page of all fine art - we had a FP of all scarves today...where's our chance?

Posted at 12:13pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

haha I remember the launch of V2

remember when the FP was just an array of items?

once, very early (or it just seems an eon ago), I found I had sold an item watching the 'sold' category which used to be a big square array of items too

anyway, don't hold your breath
and how come haven't noticed you before (much)?

Posted at 12:13pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

Excellent idea. And with Thursday being Thanksgiving in the US wouldn't it be a nice way to thank those that have hung in here for so long through all of the ups and downs by doing a feature of some sort?

I also like the idea of being able to sort the shops chronologically.

Posted at 12:15pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

ceejaybags says

scarfguy - i'm glad you posted, because i just found a new favorite shop!

Posted at 12:18pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

Me, too. Now that's what I call a scarf!!!

Posted at 12:20pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

Yeaaah, that would be nice!:]

Posted at 12:33pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

dejavu says

I think that's a great idea, Scarfguy.

Sometimes I browse old threads to find sellers that I haven't seen for a while. I'd love to see some support for shops that have hung in there.

Posted at 12:41pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

It would be nice, wouldn't it?

Posted at 12:51pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

*hobbles in leaning on handmade cane*


Posted at 12:57pm Nov 25, 2008 EST