~ Kill my Thread and Win a Velvet Strawberry Pincushion ~

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Original Post

Lunaverse says

It's my turn to start a thread killer of my own! Are you guys up to it?

If you can kill my thread for a full 24 hours you'll win your choice of my medium velvet strawberry pincushions! They come in an assortment of velvet colors, floss, glass beads, and even some scented ones!

When you're browsing my shop to pick your potential loot let me know what you think of my items, prices, and shop.


Let the Thread Killing Begin!

Posted at 4:57pm Nov 25, 2008 EST


Lunaverse says

This rocks! I'm going to win my own threadkiller! ::giggle::

Posted at 7:27pm Nov 25, 2008 EST

Lunaverse says

Ok, you don't have to get a STRAWBERRY pincushion, you could put the credit towards one of my apple or pear pincushions too! :)

Posted at 12:30am Nov 26, 2008 EST

Oooohhhhhhhhh! Maybe I will kill this thread!


Posted at 12:48am Nov 26, 2008 EST

Lunaverse says

We could kill each others!

Posted at 12:58am Nov 26, 2008 EST

Lunaverse says

Does anyone else want to join in the fun?

Posted at 1:40pm Nov 26, 2008 EST

My posts are like the kiss of death over here. Watch this one get buried fast (that prize is MINE)


Posted at 1:41pm Nov 26, 2008 EST

mchen says

Ha ha, return thread killing post ;) Cute stuff!

Posted at 7:30pm Nov 26, 2008 EST

Lunaverse says

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Tryptophan Hangovers for All!

Posted at 11:51am Nov 27, 2008 EST