Blogger pictures - three in a row?

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Original Post

Is there a way in Blogger to put three pictures in a row? I know you can put a pic to the left, center or right, but I don't want ppl to have to scroll down to see three different pic. Can anyone help?

Posted at 1:43pm Nov 29, 2008 EST


Nobody knows?

Posted at 1:48pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

etrelles says

i wish I knew, every time I try (even using html) they always come out screwy.

Posted at 1:49pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

You mean side by side? I usually make them into one picture in Photoshop, and post it as a single picture. The other way would be to build a table, if HTML doesn't scare you.

Go into the HTML view, and use this code:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td>insert your image code here</td>
<td>insert your image code here</td>
<td>insert your image code here</td>

That should work...

Posted at 1:52pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

etrelles says

ooh, I'm going to try it, idreamicanfly! Thanks!

Posted at 1:53pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

I don't know how to make them into on pic in Photoshop - of course I only have Photoshop LE - I'm assuming this is a limited edition and I think it came with my printer. I feel so computer inadequate!

I'll play around and see if I can do anything with that HTML code

Thanks so much, idreamicanfly!

Posted at 1:57pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

etrelles says

aw, it didn't work.

Posted at 2:00pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

Three pictures in a row, horizontally:
<img src="">  <img src="">  <img src="">

Three pictures in a row columnly/vertically:
<img src=""><BR><img src=""><BR><img src="">

If you write/use HTML. If not, just put a picture in your post like normal, press the space bar, or enter, accordingly. (I think.)

Posted at 2:02pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

really? what happened? Now I have to go try...

Posted at 2:04pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

weird - I just tested it and it worked for me...

Posted at 2:05pm Nov 29, 2008 EST