Needle Felt wool creations-Share with us!

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Original Post

We are artists at ETSY who creates in the new wool art that develops lately –Needle Felt art.
We want to share with you our art.

If you are also a Needle Felt artist-please feel free to post your art here

If you are a gesture –we would love to have your comment

More of our activity and creations you can find here:

To join our ETSY NFEST TEAM you may contact Gina:

Posted at 2:21pm Nov 29, 2008 EST


Thanks Orit!

I, too, am addicted to needlefelting. My work is offered at My blog is Happy felting!


Posted at 3:18pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

Well, I know I keep saying this, but I promise I will have new stuff soon! Until then, I'll post my personal favorite from my shop:
and a favorite from another felter: a stunning tapestry!

Posted at 8:25pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

Wow, Ewes, that is a BEAUTIFUL tapestry by Tecopia. It's just breathtaking! I wish that I could make tapestries like that!
Until then, I'll just have to be ok with the sculptured needle felted work I make.... Like this African American Santa Claus Christmas Ornament:

Posted at 8:35pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

Oh, and I love your tapestry, too, Ewes! I meant to say that too. I love how the leaf comes out of the frame. (:
Hues, your stuff is great, too! I especially love your blue bird:

Orit, as always, your stuff rocks. Look at this beautiful tapestry!

Posted at 8:38pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

haddy2dogs says

I love needle felting! So much I have to share some folks who I adore
of course my friend orit

Posted at 9:53pm Nov 29, 2008 EST

Nishale says

Hello all!
good to be back!
so much wonderful creations!
dear marvelous haddy!

and my adorable friemd- orit-

ewesyourimagination- so lovely!

this special dear!!!!!!!!!!!! from-huesofnature

Posted at 6:47am Nov 30, 2008 EST

Nishale says

Karen! this polar bear is awesome!

Posted at 6:48am Nov 30, 2008 EST

Hey ladies
It is so nice to meet you here
Here are some beautiful creations


I hope all our friends will come soon
I hope we will have new visitors soon too!
Hugs to you dear ladies

Posted at 10:01am Nov 30, 2008 EST