Bittersweeets One~a~day Challenge November 30 through Dec 6

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Original Post

We're a group of ladies that formed to take on Bittersweets challenge to create one item a day. The challenge began in April for a month. After the challenge, we liked each other so much that we kept on.

We welcome new members, and we know that life can get in the way, so we just keep encouraging each other, and offer business support and friendship. We don't bite here, no snarkies, and alot of fun!

You can Search our wonderful wares by doing a tag search with the keyword "oneadaychallenge"

our last weeks thread is here

many blessings,

Posted at 10:34am Nov 30, 2008 EST


iWunder says

I always post these replies and then find out there is a new thread.

Yes, Elle had like 30 people at her house this weekend. I think her computer is turned off for the time being.

Sue, rebelling natives over leftovers? We love them. And pizza and chocolate milk is a disaster for me, I'm allergic to dairy so that meal is poison with a capital P for me. Although I love pizza! I do! But I just cannot love the cheese.

Ginny, you've got to be kidding. No sales from all that? You were robbed.

OTH, got a few spots today, we'll see what happens. 10 cents for some yarn advertisement.

Now I'm off to write half of a term paper, 10 pages or so. Ugh. Gotta do it, bye bye.

Posted at 11:23am Nov 30, 2008 EST

ellequilts says

My ears must have been burning! It only seemed like 30 people... 10 guests (including my 2 children), but at times it felt like 30. I did pop into my shops but alas, a neglected shop brings no sales.

We had a great Thanksgiving with minimal family drama! Hope the rest of you did too (at least those that celebrated). After seeing the length of the thread from the end of last week probably no hope of catching up. I may scan for Caraposts though.

I'm just waiting for Kyle to pack up so we can go have lunch before he heads back to college, but I'll be back later on...

Posted at 11:45am Nov 30, 2008 EST

iWunder says

Listed two new scarves today, alpaca and cotton blends. Soft and lightweight.

Hand Knit Extra Long alpaca wool and cotton blend Scarf, in strawberry sundae colors of pink and purple, super soft and lightweight scarf to brighten any winter coat

Hand Knit alpaca wool and cotton blend Scarf, in blazing sunset colors of orange, purple, and red, super soft and lightweight to brighten any winter coat

Posted at 11:51am Nov 30, 2008 EST

kmaylward says

pretty colors in your scarves Jenn and I light the lightweight feel

ok- have some new pieces photographed to list later- I have to continue moving things etc and I ahve the two hour completion of my viking knit class this afternoon- talk to you all later- glad you had a good thanksgiving Elle!!

Posted at 12:14pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

iWunder says

Thanks Kristin, found that yarn at my local yarn store last month. Can't pass up alpaca, even if it is commercially made with cotton in it too. I have some more in blue hues, need to make those next.

Posted at 12:15pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Morning all!

Nice scarves iWunder.

I just signed up for an own the hour spot. 12am Monday, that 11pm tonight here. Tomorrow filled up fast!

Posted at 12:16pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

excesses says

hi all - back from shopping (michaels and joanne's - again) and just checking in to mark for later. Hope all are well. It's snowing/raining here, a nice day to sit by the fire! think maybe i will a bit later!

happy Sunday!
sue/maddy & me

Posted at 12:24pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

ginpins says

Morning girls!

Kylie, hope your dirty weekend was loads of fun. Love the new listings :D

Funda, I hearted your felter---what wonderful work!

Teresa, your felted paintings are stunning :D Apparently wool is even more versatile than I thought it was---amazing!

Morning Karen :D. I'm really liking the natural vibe to your fall bracelet and white wood n' copper necklace---super!

Amy, very nice!

Jennifer, great scarves! Alpaca and cotton sound like a dream match to me. I'm giggling wondering if using "strawberry sundae" colored yarn is your pseudo dairy fix LOL.

One of my Etsy pals sent me another screen shot this morning. My 4th (can you believe it, I can't!!!) appearance on the front page this weekend---but nary a sale from it still. However, I've picked up a truckload of new shop hearts. I had 841 hearts on Friday, and now I have 900!!! HOLY COW!

Posted at 12:43pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

ginpins says

Hi Elle!

Posted at 12:43pm Nov 30, 2008 EST