US Sellers: Shipping Basics--domestic & international

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GoTo says

For shipping, you need to find out what your items weigh in packaging and then you can use the USPS shipping calculator for shipping rates if you are in the USA. There's a drop-down menu to select the country you are shipping to:

If the dimensions are large there's some variation in pricing:


Most folks use a scale at home (well worth the small investment--get them cheap on eBay) and use Paypal to print domestic shipping labels:

Shipping Through Paypal

International shipping--we've got a few blog posts that might help. For help setting up your international shipping:

Getting a Handle on International Shipping

and for international first class mail labels--since they aren't available through Paypal or the USPS free program "Shipping Assistant":

International First-Class Mail: Print Labels From Your Computer

If you print your labels with postage online (Paypal,, endicia, you can drop international packages off anywhere you can drop domestic packages off.

If you use postage stamps on your international package, and it is UNDER 13 oz, you can drop that off anywhere too.

If you use postage stamps on your international package, and it is OVER 13 oz, you must hand it off to a postal clerk:

"Domestic and international mailpieces that weigh 13 ounces or less, with postage stamps affixed, can be dropped in a blue collection box, or handed to your letter carrier. Mailpieces that weigh more than 13 ounces, with postage stamps affixed, must be handed to a Retail associate at your local Post Office."


Posted at 4:03pm Nov 30, 2008 EST


briaberger says

Good information- boosting!

Posted at 4:24pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

GoTo says

Thanks for the boost briaberger!

Posted at 4:48pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Jinglebobs says

Yay! Marking!

I wouldn't mind shipping world wide, but I'm NEW and confused and.. clueless!!!!! Thanks!

Posted at 4:50pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Great info. THanks!

Posted at 4:52pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

GoTo says

Glad to share!

Posted at 5:32pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Timely post... I just blogged about some international shipping how tos

Posted at 10:46pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

slgdesigns says


Posted at 10:48pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

GoTo says

Shiny--nice post. Just so you know, international packages don't have to be taken to the PO because of the customs form. It's only when they are over 13 oz and have postage stamps for postage that they need to be handed off to a postal clerk.

Posted at 11:08pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Great post! Thank you! I always figure the international shipping wrong, and it costs me money!

Posted at 11:12pm Nov 30, 2008 EST